I apologize for the bad photos... I need a new phone.

I have two desktops now... because why not I guess? I had so many older parts lying around that I wasn't doing anything with and I decided I'd sell those and make something that I could actually use! I've also never had a full AMD build and with some of the price drops on Ryzen, I thought now would be a pretty good time.

I'm pretty happy with the part list, but it definitely didn't go as perfectly as expected.

I got the case quite a few months ago of Craigslist when I was planning to do a mini-ITX build for my sister. We never got around to it, so I had a perfectly good case just lying around. That's how it started. But, of course, shortly after ordering most of the parts, the Thermaltake Core V1 went on sale for $25 and free shipping...

I was able to jump on a pretty good deal for an ITX motherboard along with the Ryzen 5 1600. I tried getting most of my parts from Best Buy since I had some rewards to spend (and I also work there.) Best Buy's parts choices are slightly limited so I definitely could have gotten slightly better value going with different parts. I would have probably gone with different RAM and maybe a slightly different GPU to save a few bucks.

Protip for anyone shopping for parts at Best Buy: PRICE MATCHING IS YOUR FRIEND. Throw whatever model number of the part you need into PCPP and you'll be able to price match. They were selling the Ryzen 5 1600 for $199 still, but I was able to pricematch down to Newegg's price no problem.

While I was building, I was taking a look at EVGA B-STOCK and found a G3 SuperNova 750W for $59.99 so I actually swapped that into my main rig and put the old PSU into this. Worked out pretty well. I was due for a PSU upgrade anyways.

Time Spy: 4911

Firestrike: 13406

For now, it's sitting by my TV as a HTPC and used for games when I have a buddy over. I'm hopeing I'll be able to bring it to some LAN parties, as well.

Part Reviews


Couldn't go wrong for the price I got it at. I would probably go for the 2600 in 2019 instead, but still a great CPU.


Very high quality board. The motherboard comes with a POSTCARD which I thought was hilarious.


Perfectly fine SSD. I've used TEAM SSDs in multiple builds and never had any issues.

Video Card

Very nice card. Getting a backplate at this price is a huge plus. The card is built very nicely as well with a great cooler. XFX knows how to make a great video card.


Fairly easy to build in case. The 5.5" bay isn't very useful in 2019 but I was able to remove it to make more room for managing cables.

Otherwise, I'm a huge fan of Corsair and it's a nice looking case.


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How much money did you spend on the storage, the 480GB SSD?

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It was sitting around for quite a while, I forgot exactly how much I bought it for. It was going to be used in a build that never got finished.

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Okay, just wanted to know how much you got it for. :)