I built this back in September and upgraded the ram in February, but I figured since I just cleaned it today I could move it and take some beauty shots.

Uses/Initial Installation

I mainly use this computer for a mixture of 3D modeling and rendering, some CAD work, video editing and encoding, and a lot of Photoshop/Illustrator work. When I first built it I was running a copy of Windows 7 x64 Pro and it was such a pain to get it to install due to the lack of driver support for USB 3.0. I thought I had read enough about packaging them into the ISO that I mounted on a USB drive to get it to work, but I eventually gave up and borrowed a DVD drive to load them from the manufacturer's disc..

950 Pro & Windows 10

After that it wasn't long before the 950 Pro drive came out and I jumped on it. By this time I had figured out how to package all of my USB 3.0 and NVME drivers into an install of Windows 7 and it worked perfectly first try. It really helped that I had a computer to do my research on and not just a phone this time around. I can't tell you how much faster that drive feels than a standard SATA III SSD. The statistics just don't translate into the feeling you get when transferring files. I transfer a lot of large video files on a daily basis so the blazing fast transfer speed was very welcome even at the cost of the drive. Shortly after I upgraded to Windows 10 x64 Pro and the boot speeds became ridiculous, reading in Windows at 15.6 seconds with 14 startup processes.

All in all the computer keeps up with 1080p 144 Hz gaming in most games on High to Ultra with a few adjustments here and there.


On the subject of overclocking I achieved a mild 4.5 GHz clock on 1.280 v. I did have it running at 4.6 GHz for a while, but ran into the occasional error. No matter how far I pushed the voltage (1.400) it never became fully stable under all stress testing I did. In the end I just dropped it down to 4.5 and lowered it to a stable voltage and left it set on adaptive mode. The computer idles at 800MHz @ .800v. My GTX 1070 is overclocked to 2100 MHz GPU and 4500 MHz Memory.


The only issue I ever had was that I ran out of memory whilst doing some multitasking and decided to upgrade from my 2 x 8 GB kit to a 2 x 16 GB kit and have been very happy with the change.

In two years I'd like to upgrade again with a new Motherboard, CPU and GPU and do a full custom water cooling loop. The GTX 1080 ti is quite a temptation now, but I will see what the new offerings in that range are in late 2018 early 2019. Hopefully by then there will be a significant enough difference in either Intel or AMD's CPU offering to warrant a new chip and board.

Part Reviews


Very quick CPU. I only wish that I could have more cores at this price for my rendering, but hopefully AMD makes enough of a long term impact with Ryzen that Intel will push out more "Budget friendly" six core CPUs.

CPU Cooler

Great cooler for my mild overclock. The first one I received had horrible pump noise, but after sending it into Corsair for a replacement I have had no problems, not to mention my temperatures lowered also. Only knocked it down one star because I had to pay return shipping on a faulty product that wasn't 30 days old yet.


Great board with all the features I need. The only complaint I have is that it struggles to hit the higher memory clocks of 3200 MHz+ even though it is rated for it.


Fantastic memory, especially at the price I got it for. No complaints whatsoever. I finally got it dialed in at DDR4-3200 after loosening the first timing, but after reading multiple forums it seems that this is an issue with my board and not the RAM.


It's fast, but not nearly as fast as a 950 Pro. Also a little on the small side, but this fit my initial budget.


It's fast, but not nearly as fast as a 950 Pro.


Stupidly fast at a justifiable price point. If you're debating about it, just get it or the newer model, unless it comes at the sacrifice of downgrading a CPU or GPU due to funds.

Video Card

Runs very well. I only wish I went with a 1080, but this works great for 1080p 144 Hz gaming on High for most games. I'll upgrade in late 2018/early 2019 to a card similar to the 1080ti that'll handle 1440p 144 Hz. I don't think I'll ever buy a Titan edition.


Stupidly huge if not using any HDDs, but as I make plans to watercool I realize that it could be bigger. In the end it must be the perfect size! Also the craftsmanship is impeccable. Only the side panels are flimsy, but that doesn't affect the installation of them or case at all.

Power Supply

Quiet, efficient, provides the power I need plus more for the future. In the end only time will tell.


Great 1080p monitor if you are looking at 144 Hz gaming. The only downside is the colors, which many reviewers have mentioned. In the end you can get them looking pleasant, but probably not accurate. My next upgrade will be a 1440p 144Hz IPS panel,. I really like the refresh rate, but I could benefit from more real estate and true colors for my modeling and graphics work.


I will never go back to a membrane keyboard again! This has made typing so much easier and gaming just a tad faster, but most of all I don't need to use much force to push a key and my hands never get tired or cramp anymore. Even if it is the cheapest model I highly recommend any keyboard with CherryMx keys.


It came with the keyboard for free. My only wish is that it had a thumb button, but the adjustable dpi has made up for that after I got used to it and decided I loved it.

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  • 37 months ago
  • 2 points

Either flip that rear fan into an exhaust or put a filter on it.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

Actually haven't had too bad of a dust problem with it, but yes, I do need to buy a filter for it. I keep it pretty clean anyways.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

ok, just a precautionary thought.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

amazing build bro :)