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First system build since 2007

by Atterios


Second build ever since 2007.

Part Reviews


Awesome CPU for gaming, fast, efficient and reliable! No problems OC’ing.

CPU Cooler

Does its job perfectly, keeps CPU at 30-40c idle, and about 60-70c under hardcore gaming!


Epic motherboard, easy BIOS, easy installing, awesome software that keeps everything as it should be! LiveUpdater updates youre BIOS by itself risk free, very happy with my choice of board!


Easy, self OC, reliable and fast RAM.


Perfect storage which is also superfast!

Video Card

Couldnt be happier with EVGA’s GPU.. It does exactly as it should, which is giving me the ultimate gaming experience and ive never had any probs with it except it overheated a lil bit first, but talking with EVGA customer service led to them sending me just a week later, new thermal padding with an easy installation guide! Now it barely goes above 65c under heavy loads.

Thanks EVGA, il definatly buy youre products in the future!


Epic looking, and perfect case for my components.

Power Supply

Easy PSU to instal, especially with a full modular solution! Delivers stabile power, and has been really reliable until now!


Good cheap 4K, UHD monitor with «HDR» ability.. Can be overclocked HZ from 60-65HZ with no risks. Does ghost a little even tho it claims 1MS, and turning AMA on premium, just makes it worse, so high is the spot to keep it at. Otherwise its menu/settings are easy to operate and the super resolution setting is an awesome setting making the screen clarity look fantastic!

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EPCL 2 points 2 months ago

If this is new you did great with cable management! That being said a few changes to look at; you don't have hyper threading with that CPU which isn't a huge deal for gaming but other tasks you may run into issues. The 8600k is an older generation, should have devoted to the new gen or gone Ryzen for $100 less and more performance. A more affordable option would have been to pick up the RTX 2070 EVGA card for $500. Has RTX if you want it that bad, but has around 6% better performance than a 1080. Overall still looks good!

Atterios submitter 1 Build 1 point 2 months ago

Thanks mate! I appreciate youre tips and info, built this when 8th gen was the thing tho.. And i just found out the RTX launch was just a few weeks before i ordered my 1080

StrikerX1360 1 Build 2 points 2 months ago

Just a heads up, I think the case you have listed in your parts list is not the same one from the pictures. Otherwise nice build!

Atterios submitter 1 Build 2 points 2 months ago

Oh yeah, i see that now.. Thanks man, gonna correct that asap