Since building this PC price to performance system I have been steadily upgrading it in terms of looks and performance, nothing crazy like a new CPU or Graphics Card. Things such as replacing the stock AMD cooler, a new hard drive (a definite upgrade from the two 320Gb HDD's I pulled from 10+ year old systems, one of which on the verge of failing), a new keyboard and an actual monitor, and, oh yeah, 3 case changes!

Part Reviews


Awesome CPU for the money!

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU at about 34°c while idle, 50-60°c while under load, looks good and performs well.


Haven't run into any problems with this motherboard, except for the USB 3.0's plastic shroud coming off of the pins when disassembling to move my PC to a new case. Not an issue, just pushed the shroud back into where it should go and it was alright. Definitely not a problem with the motherboard, I admit I was a little rough with it, plus it works just fine. Got this bundled with my CPU and saved ~10 dollars.


Snagged these a little bit before the prices got crazy, had no issues with frequencies and that sort of thing that "comes" with Ryzen.


Took this out of a laptop and was planning to migrate my OS onto it, haven't come around to doing that yet.


Also taken out of a laptop, no longer needed since installing a new a 2tb drive. Used to have my games installed on here, not bad.


$60 for 2TB, pretty good, as everyone knows, HDD's don't usually have the exact GB's as said due to it being reserved or something but that is no issue to me. Works great and I hope to be able to keep it in my systems for as long as it lasts :)

Video Card

Somehow this card can manage do play 1440p 60hz games just fine!! I don't even know how. By 'games' i'm talking about GTA V, Battlefield 1, and many more. Albeit, more demanding games do get lower fps as expected (45-60fps as I've seen with medium-high settings). But for the price this thing is very impressive! Also, to match my build I have Plasti Dipped it white and it may have taken me more than one try to get it to look perfect but I think I did a good job the last time I painted it.


I love this case so much! I got it as a little birthday gift to myself soon after it released in white and it makes my build look so much better than when it was in different enclosures. Also, the mesh really helps keep the temperatures low and the frames per second high :). Well, maybe not physically but the airflow keeps everything cool enough to preform very well under stress.

Power Supply

Got this refurbished for $60 on Newegg. I could have gotten the 650 watt semi-modular power supply for the same price but Im not even using over 400 watts over load so there wouldn't be a point. Pretty cool unit.

Case Fan

These fans suck air into and out of my PC, but are far from sucking ;). Sorry for the sh?tty pun. (can I say sh?t on here with out the ??)


Got off Craigslist for $70, thought I got scammed because the day I went to pick it up the guy said there was no power cable and I couldn't test it before handing him the money. I Ordered a $15 power supply for it online and waited to see a broken screen when I was able to plugged it in. Thankfully everything worked just fine! It really looks great, especially for what I got it for!!


Got the Cherry MX Silent model as a refurb off of amazon for about $85, I also picked up an extended mouse pad for $15. Pretty keyboard with tons of customization :).


I found this at an apartment I helped clean out, the left click is pretty janky and the whole thing itself is showing its age. I was thinking of getting a new mouse soon because this one is costing me rounds in Counter Strike!


Bad headset, even for the price I got it. Broke after a couple of months of owning it, however I needed a USB headset because for some reason my motherboards audio outputs seem to be shot and I can't get any sound through them, oh well.


Cheap and good! I barely use these anyway so why waste money on nice speakers?!

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  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

I personally would have went with the stock cooler and a cheaper case to get a 1060 3GB, or even a 6GB

  • 22 months ago
  • 3 points

I actually did have the stock cooler and a $50 case a couple of months ago, but then I got tired of them and upgraded recently. I was really considering getting a 1060 6gb but around that time they were selling for crazy high prices so I just went with what was good for the money.

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

I personally would just stick with 1 case instead of going through 3, but it's your preference. You can pick up a good RX580 for around $250 off of eBay, or even lower. I got a RX580 strix for $260, tested at a friends house and it works perfectly :). Just saving up to get overpriced RAM and my build is complete.

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

The original case I had (CoolerMaster MasterBox Lite 5) looked nice for a cheap case but lacked any airflow. I had to take the front panel off when playing games because the whole system was filling up with hot air and the only thing getting it out was the exhaust fan. Even though I had three fans in the front, they can't suck air in though plastic! The good thing about cases is that you can sell them for like $10 of what they're worth and you get buyers quick!

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

teach me how to paint please, and does painting the gpu void the warranty?

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Not if you use plasti-dip because you can just rip that **** off if you mess up. Plus I only took off the shroud and didn't take apart the whole graphics card. You just have to use common sense, be patient between coats, and have fun I suppose. Science Studio has a couple of videos of him painting his components so I would recommend you to watch those and you'll be a pro. Your first try might not be that good but once you get that **** down it'll look good as ****!

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