So this started out as Me wanting to build a mid range gaming/sim racing rig with some rgb flare. I had been wanting to give the Ryzen platform a try after my last build over 7 years ago(FX8350/990FXA/GTX 960). I started with some hand-me-down parts from a friend that he got from his brother before he moved away. I figured I could use the huge Cooler Master case, Corsair psu, and the 1060 gpu I received. When I opened the 1060 box I found an old gtx 760... that wasn’t going to work. At least there was a decent psu inside the case... about that case... it’s a monster... way to big to fit under my desk(if I only knew what I would end up with).. so with a decent 750 psu and a case I wasn’t really in love with, I started my research. With coming from an 8350 I wanted to stick with an 8 core ryzen. Finding the price on the 2700/X was a little steep for what I wanted to spend to get this build going, I stepped down to a 6 core. The reviews on Newegg were surprising so I took a shot on the 2600. I was extremely happy once I started to find out that the praise didn’t stop at the one retail site. It was coming from builders all over the internet. The decision was made! I knew I needed a good mb to ensure that it would last at least until gen 3 so I elected to go with the x470. I’m a sucker for carbon fiber so msi stole my money through clever marketing with their X470 Gaming Carbon mobo. Sticking with the rgb theme, I went with G.Skill Trident Z ram at 3200mhz. At this point, I am full bore on the whole rgb thing. Now I KNOW I have to find a different case. Trying to stick to a budget, I picked up a thermaltake V200. The budget was getting a little thin but I still needed a gpu. Knowing amd makes the more affordable chip, I went with what I thought was the best bang for the buck. I found the MSI RX 570 gaming X 8gb MK2 for under $200 plus 2 free games. One of which was The Division 2, which I was excited to play anyway. Once I had everything complied together and started the assembly, I found that there wasn’t enough room in this small Mid-Tower case. With all the additional wires from the thermaltake riing fans and 240 aio plus controller, I couldn’t even put the rear glass panel back on... well, my wife being the enabler that she is, told me to bite the bullet and buy the lager case I wanted. Enter; the Cooler Master H500M. Tons of beautiful tempered glass and big rgb fans! I absolutely love this case. Loads of room to build in and totally modular in all of its features. Cable management is a dream in this case with the removable beauty panels on the rear. This made it easy to look good and left me wishing I could display both sides somehow. Seeing that I wasn’t using any mechanical HDD’s, I removed the drive bays for additional room for all of the non-modular mess this old psu has to offer. Once getting everything transferred into the new case I was finally content with what I had built. One of my primary reasons for building a new pc was to get into sim racing. I picked up a thrustmaster t500 setup around Christmas and had been using it on my Xbox. Now it was time to give Assetto Corsa a shot on pc. After purchasing it from steam with all the dlc, I found that the game would struggle to get past the loading screen to start a race. I tried multiple troubleshooting methods after researching my issue online but came up with nothing. After hitting a dead end I decided to enjoy the fruits of my labor and play the games that were already working well. Most games running at high to ultra with 60 FPS and above. But still, my $500 steering wheel sat on the side of my desk, reminding me of the original purpose of starting this journey. A bonus from work came around so I decided to treat myself with a new keyboard and mouse setup. I happened to be in Best Buy and there it was... the Huntsman Elite. I was going back and forth between it and a few others that I was looking at online but found it difficult to choose which mechanical keyboard I wanted without ever feeling the keys. Now I found myself staring down the keyboard that I had been looking at through an old Tv that I had been using as a monitor. Funny thing is, Best Buy sells those too... needless to say the enabler convinced me to spend the money and I walked out with a 32” 4K monitor and the keyboard. As soon as I got home, I jumped on amazon and placed an order for a new mouse, a Mamba Elite TE. Now I’m starting to realize that I have stumbled into a new addiction. I have always enjoyed gaming and have been an avid console gamer with an occasional pc over the years. But now, I’m feeling like I’m getting sucked in. This pc has been my gateway drug... coming back to the steering wheel that I spent a good chunk of money on(yes I know there’s more expensive ones out there). Every time I sat any my desk and fired up my computer, it reminded me that the game I built it for, couldn’t be played. It was really bugging now. I started to come to the conclusion that it must have been a compatibility issue with my video card. Don’t ask me why I went there, it was likely because I knew that it was the weakest part of the machine. I decided that I wanted to really dive in and go RTX. Not because I own any games that support it, but because it’s shiny(and arguably the more powerful of the 2 options on the market) I figured it didn’t make sense to go all in on a 2080ti so I started looking at 2070’s. I decided to go with a 2070 Duke. It’s more powerful than my current card, plus it had rgb which would complement my system nicely. As always, I bring my wife into the conversation. A wise move before spending large amounts of money. I told her about the duke but also about another card I found that shared the aesthetic of the duke, but packed a bit more punch. A 2080 gaming X trio, also from msi(you may have noticed that I like to stick to a brand). I layed out the differences to her and asked her opinion. Simply put, she asked why am I even asking her? The choice seemed pretty simple: spend the extra money now and not worry about it latter(yeah my wife is better than yours). That being said, I found that a Fry’s Electronics nearby had one in stock, and they price match! I took a trip the next day to buy a component that cost nearly as much as the last computer I built! I’m not sure if the particular store I made my purchase at sells very many high end cards. While the associate was creating my ticket to take up to the counter, the card started a conversation with the other employees who didn’t seem to have anything better to do. They practically wanted to high five me as the lady sat the card down at the counter. They were almost as excited about someone buying a 2080 as I was myself. Maybe there was a break room pool on how long it would take before someone actually walked into the store to buy one there as opposed to just purchasing online. Either way I was stoked and still am. I truly love my setup and surprisingly enough through the various benchmarks and games I have ran, it really doesn’t seem like I have much of a cpu bottleneck yet. Maybe I haven’t tied the right games, or I’m not running it hard enough. Either way, I haven’t touched my Xbox One X or my PS4 Pro since building my computer. I’ve even given my old setup to my 7 year old son and we recently transplanted it from its original Raidmax case to a nice Fractal Design Focus G with a new AIO. That will also likely get its own history lecture much like this has turned into. Upon getting the new card installed, it was time to put my misguided theory to the test. Was the reason I couldn’t play AC truly due to a incompatible gpu?... NOPE! The issue persisted with little to no change. After changing up my method of research, I focused on a different issue. That being that when a race did load, there was no sound. It turned out that when I built my pc in the beginning, I never installed the actual sound card driver from msi but left the windows driver installed. Now, I can actually enjoy the game I had been trying to play from the beginning!

Well, If you made it this far, I just want to say thanks! I didn’t expect for this description to turn into a blog, but the whole process of building a pc isn’t as simple as we try to convince our friends and family it is. There is a lot of thought that goes into building a computer. The easiest part, at times, is the actual labor of affixing all the parts together inside a box of metal and plastic. The real struggle happens when you’re planning and upgrading.

Potential future upgrades: Modular psu w/ sleeved cables Additional ram 2700/x or gen 3?

Part Reviews


Fantastic cpu! No hiccups or slowing to be seen yet. Running with the stock boost clock but MSI Command Center shows each core running at 3.85 MHz and not the 3.9 MHz advertised. Not sure if that is a processor issue or mobo/program issue but not enough to remove a star.


Don’t let ppp fool you on this board. It doesn’t NEED the second eps power to operate unless you are doing some serious overclocking. My main complaint here is that the MSI utilities don’t align very well with other MSI products. In my experience, using an AMD gpu was fine with all the different utilities available for download. Once I switched to the 2080, things got weird. I have used MSI Command Center for a long time, but once I installed Dragon Center, it removes half of the utilities available for my motherboard and wanted to be the center of attention. Long story short I removed DC to keep the mb utilities.


Mobo defaulted to around 2400 on the speed for this ram. Once you enable xmp on your mb you’re good to go. Sometimes the rgb could get out of sync with each other which can be kind of annoying or it defaults back to rainbow and I have to go back into Mystic Light to get it back. Could be a mb issue though.


I couldn’t find the actual model of ssd but this is the closest one. I have the TUF Gaming edition and spent way too much for looks that can’t be seen. The drive is working great and doesn’t overheat like the Hyper X ssd is prone to do


Does what I need it to do. No complaints

Video Card

Like my motherboard, I deducted a star simply for the MSI utilities not wanting to play nice with each other. I didn’t like dragon center and opted to stick with the utilities from my mb as dragon center removed command center and DC failed to work with my cpu.


I love this case. It’s amazing in appearance and construction. My gripe is with Cooler Master’s rgb fan situation. It has a fan controller in the case but isn’t compatible with the CM rgb app. The app itself has been in beta, from what I can tell, for almost a year. The app is terrible and I can’t get it to save any changes. I use Mystic Light to change the color but even in there the fans have issue with a couple of the leds.

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  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice Build! I just finished one in the H500m, but I'm struggling with the RGB controller.

Are you using the built in one that comes with h500m + the reset button or with the master+ software?

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

I have the controller plugged into one of the rgb headers on my motherboard. One of the selections on the reset button enables the argb function on the 2 200mm fans and I can edit the color from the MSI Mystic Light program. I did notice that some of the color modes in Mystic Light causes the fans to glitch until I restart the system. The cooler master software was VERY confusing for me, but I loved building in this case and the panels in the rear really help with cable management.

  • 6 months ago
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I have the same CPU that's overclocked to the same frequency, albeit with the stock cooler. I do wonder how much the RTX 2080 is bottlenecked by the R5 2600, cause if it isn't then my PC should last me a very long time :)