After becoming dissatisfied with the gaming experiences on console and increasingly worried regarding security issues in OSX, I decided to ascend. I use this computer for gaming, work (photo editing, documents), and internet/email.

Everything works very well, though there is almost no aesthetic continuity. My only real regret was not going mini ITX. I don't plan on adding another 1070 for SLI as there isn't room and my 550w PSU couldn't handle it anyway. The on board WIFI/bluetooth and overall smaller form factor would have been ideal.

Edit: more pics in current setup to come.

Part Reviews


Great processor. Whether I am editing a huge batch of photos or playing the latest demanding PC release, the 6600k works flawlessly.

Currently OC'ed to 4.2. I can't get the voltage to stay below 1.35-1.4 if I OC it past 4.2 Also, offset voltage crashes my system. I have to use auto voltage or I can't even boot into Windows.

CPU Cooler

Easy install. Very quiet. Keeping my 6600k super cool. Idle temps are 30c with 70c using Prime95 stress test.


Solid board. No complaints.


Fast RAM is fast. Be sure to enable XMP in your BIOS/UEFI to get the full 3000.


Drive is solid so far, just wish I had gotten a 2 or 3 TB drive instead.

Video Card

Great card but huge. Due to it's size I will not be able to SLI in the EVOLV case. Idle temps with fans off is 30-33c, 80c under load. I haven't successfully overclocked it yet but this is my first build so it's probable that it is user error.


Beautiful monitor with great colors and solid response time @ 5ms. Bezel is fairly thin so I imagine it would work well in a multi monitor setup. Decent amount of back light bleed.

If you are deciding between 1080p/144hz/TN panel and 1440p/60hz/IPS panel I think 1440p is the way to go for most people. Competitive gamers will benefit from the increased response time but the losses in resolution and color will be greatly missed by most people. I tried both and 1440/IPS was the clear choice. I only noticed the difference in very twitchy, fast paced games like CS:GO.


one of the least expensive mechanical keyboards available. Great board all around. Wish I had sprung for a backlight board though. MX brown switches are great for gaming and typing.


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