I built this Full ATX system for 1080p gaming, with the possibility of 1440p. But I didn't worry about much over those figures. I'm 23 and wanted to build my own PC with future potential. I started this build list from a "exellent build" off pcpartpicker. The only things I kept from that list however, were the Cpu and Gpu. I decided to try to keep my build under 2,000. At the time of purchase (all through newegg) I spent just under 1,600 on this list. I'd say I got pretty good deals on each part, save for cheaper parts that weren't on sale. Like the disc drive, the speakers and the HDD.

All in all this turned out to be a beast of a build, (case included) lol. I love it, its fast, super quiet and good looking to me.

Part Reviews


Great gaming cpu that wont break that bank, I haven't even OC'd it yet and it hasn't had any problems with games like, Watch dogs 2 or Dirt Rally. Granted I'm no expert, but I'm liking it! Temps range from 20-50c with a hyper 212 evo slowly spinning on it.

CPU Cooler

Awesome air cooler! I opted for this air cooling method instead of water just to save $100 bucks. I got the 212 at $19.99 after mail in rebate. What a steal. I'm still pre overclock but it never gets loud, always silently spinning at the 6600k, keeping it at very cool temps.

Install is a little fiddly, but its no deal breaker just do it outside of your case. I bought one for my Dads computer too!


Wanting a solid, affordable Z170 MB I opted for this MSI variant. After reading good reviews on their quality. It was easy to work with and I love all the usb ports it has. Things are nicely labeled on the board to, like which slots to use for Dual ram.

I'd say the rgb lighting is a bit weak. As the I\O side strip is stuck on static red. And the Front ram side isn't as bright as I expected. But I wanted red so leaving it stock colors works for me. It still good looking and a functionally nice enough board that I'd recommend it! Looks to have good O'C capability once I head down that road.


I got this kit for $69.99. I really like the understated sleek look it has. I also wanted low profile ram to ensure my 212 hyper evo air cooler wouldn't interfere. This did the trick nicely!


Super affordable SSD, I ended up going with the 250gb version for about $60. It currently holds Windows and all my drivers\Documents. Good enough for me!


Got this for mass storage while not worrying about SSD speeds because of its cheap price. $60 for my buy. It makes the typical HDD sounds at times but its just as quiet as any.

Video Card

Love, Love this card! Its a beast of a 1070, luckily I picked a big case to put it in and had no issues. Has nice rgb logo and fan stop indicator on the side, also the pcb backplate is a nice touch to make it look better. So far its been ice cold in my case, I still haven't OC'd it cause I don't have any games that push it, lol. Even Watch dogs 2 on Ultra is a quiet breeze for it. The game came with it, nice addtion when your building a rig! Temps range from 30-55c right now. Im sure the 3 fan setup will have no problems dealing with any future Overclocks. They hardly spin now, always off if I'm not gaming. The gigabyte software is super easy to use and I look forward to doing some O'cing with it in the future.


This case is great! Get it for yourself right now! But seriously, I Love it! I've done 1 other full ATX build and 2 mid ATX builds. This case is the Full variant and every bit of it. It almost echos inside, lol. I got it for 69.99 after rebate, what a steal! For my $ I got a tackle box with many, many extra screws, removable everything, (HDD Bays, SSD backside trays, top and front panels and a psu cover) Dust filters covering 100% of the front and bottom. A fan hub And clean, Killer looks. The front I\O is great too, 4 USB ports (two 2.0 two 3.0) Also the backside cable management was great as they preinstall many velcro straps for you. And I like the included rubber grommets on the cable pass through. It also comes with a 200mm white fan up front and a 140mm out back. I added 2 stealthy black 140mm fans to the top to maximize airflow, maybe I'll do another 140 in the bottom intake in the future. The case stays cool to the touch everywhere as is. And no hot air is being found without overclocks.

I loved building in this case, and would reccomend it to anyone!

Power Supply

This PSU was very affordable for its power and modular features. It also has a stop fan feature when its cool enough, though I turned that off via a switch on the cable side of it. I found it odd to not have a fan spinning on the psu. Its also in its own "eco system" in my case. Covered by a shield it draws air through a bottom dust filter and pushes it out the back. The cables are all nicely black, and flat. I thought the 8pin cpu power could have been longer, but I have a big case so I'm sure its up to atx standards.

Nice Psu, with high dollar features!

Optical Drive

I opted for a ODD drive for my driver installs, as my internet isn't much for downloading 500-800mb of software. This drive spun up all my install discs just fine. I left it in cause it blends in good enough on the front of my case.

Operating System

Its better than windows 8, but still no windows 7 or XP reliability. I have a strange issue with it not letting my computer shutdown each time. And it froze once on me already. But its still speedy enough and does perform well enough on a daily basis. Maybe microsoft will iron out the wrinkles yet.

Wireless Network Adapter

Great wifi and bluetooth card. I needed it for my internet and wireless controller setup. So far its performs on par with other wired connections in the house. I'm directly above the router in my room. It also works nicely with my Xbox one controller.

Case Fan

Quiet, Black, Cool. Very nice fans that come with a low power adapter should you never want them spinning to high. I left that out and put them on the top side of my case. They are connected to a fan hub with the 2 other case fans and spin up and down off a pwm cpufan port on the Motherboard. They never spin up enough to hear though.


Crisp, bright monitor. I wasn't sure what I was looking for in monitors, and this one was $150 when I bought it. Its very nice in gaming. Though for some reason I'm showing 60hz HDMI and 120hz DVI. Maybe thats just how HDMI is? I like it though and the bezel is thin enough to keep from drawing attention from the screen.


Awesome Cherry MX Red Keyboard. I got it for $80. I've never used a cherry key, but now I don't wanna live without. They make the coolest click-clack while gaming\typing. The backlighting is staying on static red for me. Though it has many modes through the Corsair CUE app. But I'm not super thrilled on that App, it has to be open in the background to have effect on the lighting of both my mouse and keyboard. And it was clunky to figure out. That aside this is a super nice full keyboard with a 10 keypad, extra USB port slot, volume controller and 4 mode switch with bios mode. Also has fully programmable windows lock button and Macro ability. Plus a thick braided cable! Would buy again!


Full RGB lighting, on the fly DPi switching with RGB indication. Clicky, tough buttons\scroll wheel. and braided cable. The mouse itself is great, and medium sized by my standards. Would fit many hands. The cue software from corsair kinda sucks. Has to be running in the back ground to take effect and is clunky to use. 10/10 to the mouse though!


Cool looking, cheap speakers. The sound is nice enough to game and listen to music on when I don't have my headphones plugged into them. The bass is even quite deep. Only gripe the the port beside the headphone port doesn't support mics, only audio in from phones\etc. Otherwise good system for people wanting affordable computer speakers.


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Nice build!

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Thank you!

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Have you experienced any GPU coil whine?

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No sir I haven't, the card has perfectly handled anything at 1440p