Ive been slowly upgrading my computer over the past 1 1/2 years. This will also be reviewing the parts I have got inside the computer while also explaining why I choose them. I will try and keep my part list updated when I upgrade further.

CPU: I chose to use the i5-4670k when brought back in 2014 the Devils canyon were just released and were a bit more expensive then the i5-4670k which was only £170. The CPU performance wells and handles all games I play, I do not do much CPU intensive tasks so a i7 wasn't worth the extra cost. Currently I haven't overclocked it but I will soon, hoping for a good 4.4 Ghz

CPU Cooler: Recently I purchase and added to my computer the Corsair H100i GTX. I was looking to use the H100i due to I preferred the ascetics compared to the H100i GTX but due to it going out of shop due to the newer cooler I had to go with the H100i GTX. Overall after installation I prefer the look of it. and I think it matches the build with the Red LED.

Installing the CPU cooler wasn't hard but wasn't easy. The screws which went into the motherboard were hard to distinguish between the two types and I thought that I haven't picked the right ones due to they wobbled but after adding the cooler onto it they stopped wobbling. After that I put int he Corsair Link cable which went under the bracket for the CPU block, my only complaint it why not put it on the top of the cooler instead of at the bottom, this will save wiring under the bracket and make it a lot easier for the person cable managing. To fit the CPU cooler as shown in the picture I had to move the radiator more into he middle of the case to make sure the wires do not touch the fan at the back.

Motherboard: Yes I know the motherboard expensive and I do admit it was a mistake to pay that much for a motherboard, but I brought this back in 2014 when I didn't not a lot as I know of now. Back in 2014 I had good Wi-Fi which i wanted to use so I went a paid for the Maximus VI Formula which included a built in Wi-Fi adapter compared the the Maximus VI Hero. Overall I love the motherboard at it is beautiful and matches the rest of ym system.

The installation of the motherboard was easy and the user manual was very useful.

Memory: When I first built my computer I only had 1 kit of RAM but after a year I decided to purchase another 8GB but this time black to match the Red and Black theme. Overall i really like the RAM and for the price its a no brainier.

SSD: The SSD isn't the best and is another thing I would of brought different back in 2014. Overall the SSD isn't amazing but it works but I wish i would of brought a Samsung SSD back in 2014 which perform better than my SSD at the moment.

Using CrystalDiskMark my scores are:

Seq (Q32T1) Read: 384.8 Write: 186.9

4K (Q32T1) Read: 94.96 Write: 94.48

Seq Read: 341.6 Write: 184.8

4K Read: 18.67 Write: 70.68

HDD: The hard drive is what I asked for works perfectly and is fast for a hard drive in my opinion. I am not an expert about storage speeds, whats good and whats bad. You can basically say ti does what it says on teh tin.

Using CrystalDiskMark my scores are: Read: Write: Seq (Q32T1) Read: 159.7 Write: 113.0

4K (Q32T1) Read: 0.765 Write: 1.181

Seq Read: 160.6 Write: 145.9

4K Read: 0.344 Write: 1.139

GPU: I picked the GTX 770 due to it was the only Graphics Card which I could afford in my budget. I was going to get the r9 280X but I didn't due to I went with help from my friend view to go with Nvidia. One of my other friends went with a MSI r9 280X which artifact like mad, so glad I didn't go with the r9 280X after that. Overall the GPU is good and does its job for CSGO and other games for example American Truck Simulator Battlefield but the GPU also isn't boosting really high frames on some games as well. In my opinion it is a good medium but I will try to upgrade to the GTX 1080 when it comes out hopefully :)

Installation of the GPU wasn't hard but I have 2 problems with it, trying to take out the power cables for it feels like your going to break the card and it slags a bit which it annoying but you cant really fix it due to every card slags.

Case: The case in my opinion is perfect, the price, the looks, the space but not the amount of air slots to get air into the system is limiting but still does the job and I am not complaining. The case was really the inspiration for my build and really shows of the components inside with the Window. I also like the Hard Drive bays which are not visible when looking at it which really make the build complete due to it makes the viewer focus on the center piece not the bits on the end.

Cons of the case is the very scratch able window which is pretty bad for the price of the case, I wish companies would really pay more attestation to the sturdiness and scratch ability of the case window. Another con is Air flow but not as much as the window. The last con is the room on the back of the case for wires every time I take of the side panel I struggle to get back on due to the wires.

PSU: The Power Supply oh this thing about Corsair PSU being one of the best, mine broke in the first 5 months which wasn't ideal but I had to send it to RMA which cost me around £10 in shipping to get it to Scan. Ive got a new one which hasn't faulted me yet and hopefully wont. Apart from that my only complain is the size of the Power cable form the wall to the PSU it is pretty small and nearly didn't stretch far enough.

PSU Wires: I went and brought CableMod wires for my computer which are braided Red and Black, I really like them and ive got nothing to complain about them but I wish they give you some cable trainers in the kit.

Fans: The AF 140 are very quiet and work very well. I did purchase SP 120 for my H100i GTX but unfortunately they wound'nt work with Corsair Link and stayed at 2100 rpm constantly which I refunded. Overall they do a good job.

Keyboard: I enjoy my Keyboard and it is very high quality but unfortunately for me that this is a product from corsair which also failed. After nearly a year in use, 362 to be exact, it broke and didn't work. I was lucky I wasn't over the year so I could send it back using amazon which was very useful if not RMA again. Love the keyboard and will hopefully last me a very long time.

Monitor: I purchases the monitor last year in May 2015. I decided to get the Asus VG248QE due to my friend used it and said it was very good and due to i was big CSGO fan back then which i played a bit too much. The monitor is great due to 144Hz but the colour accuracy inst the best but I was coming from a TV which wast spectacular and up to date. Overall I love the monitor and wouldn't buy another one. Only con apart from the colour accuracy is the Power cable is short and wish it would be longer.

Mouse: I brought the mouse coming from a Razer Naga 2013 MMO which I never used for MMO gaming. Overall the mouse is great apart from the scroll slipping sometimes and it is a bit wobbly.

Headset: Headset is good for listening to music and gaming but the mic si pretty bad and makes a lot of static which is not good for my friends and playing. Every 3 games a person would tell em to fix my mic. Im currently saving for a new one.

Overall the computer is great and I enjoy using and building it. Thanks for reading, please up vote and comment any question which i could try and answer. Thanks again for reading

Part Reviews


Great CPU and does the job, temps are good water cooled but on Stock cooler they get a bit hot

CPU Cooler

Great cooler, keeps my CPU cold. Only problem is the Corsair Link cable is at the bottom of the water block so it needs to be routed under the block to be clean.


Good motherboard a bit expensive but works great and looks great at the same time.


Wish I could give it a high rating great price and good looking.


Wish I could give it a high rating great price and good looking.


Good but not the best wouldn't recommend because you can get SSD faster and cheaper.


Does the job without creating a lot of sound, good speed and reliable

Video Card

Good price to performance when brought but now not as much due to Nvidia has released the 900 series.


Great case and good price but the widow scratches a bit to easily.

Power Supply

Broke after 5 months but new one going well would recommend the 750w due to it has better components inside.

Case Fan

Great fans and does the job, moves air in pretty well at low RPM's as well!


Love this monitor colour accuracy isn't the best but it still a great monitor.


Love cherry MX blues and love this keyboard but it did die on my after a year but got a refund :)


Good mouse but wish it could be cheaper around £50 would be great, also could offer more places to change the RGB LED's.


Good sound through headphones but Mic is pretty poor after some time

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  • 50 months ago
  • 4 points

If i were you I'd try to do somethinbg about the amount of GPU sag, it looks pretty bad. Other than that I really like the build! +1

  • 50 months ago
  • 2 points

+1 for Dog in pic 2.

Also great looking build!

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Same monitor gpu and cpu. Brother is that you! Your set up/battlestation looks very nice can u post more pics of it? imo i think it's worthy