Sorry for the bad lighting, need to replace the bulb in the garage.

I'm completely new to computer builds and, well, this went about as well as I expected. A few issues with a DOA motherboard, bent CPU pin (my bad), and some issues with the monitor I got (swapped with a friend, really hated the TN panel), I've got a computer I'm actually pretty proud of. Cable management is pretty bad, but I can touch it up later once I get my new GPU to put in there. It took a while to get around to writing this, and I'll put some pictures up in a few hours, when I get the chance.

I've had the WD Red drive lying around for a while so I threw that in there with the SSD so I had more than 250GB storage, and the video card was a hand-me-down from my uncle who upgraded to a newer Quadro card. I'd really like to replace the Quadro ASAP since I'm not really huge into graphic design (primarily gaming) and it's hindering the performance very hard, but this computer could not exist without it so I can't complain. Looking at getting a 5700 XT that is not blower design, really any will do. Looking at the THICC II since it's pretty cheap at the moment here. Also wanting to get a liquid CPU cooler since those are some high idle temps.

Feel free to ask any questions, I should be able to answer them.

Part Reviews


For the price that is charged for this thing, it's unbelievable the performance it can push out. I've had absolutely no issues with it so far and consistently have low CPU usage for practically anything I'm doing, although the idle temps are a little high with the included cooler (50ish in a 25 degree room). This is without precision boost on, but that's sure to be switched on the moment I get a new cooler.


It's a motherboard that does its job well, but the RGB software is a serious pain to use and severely limits the available options. Other than that, the BIOS is nice and simple to use, and I've had no issues with it otherwise.


It's RAM. Had no problems with it and it's nice and affordable. Slap it in and you're good to go.


Absolutely incredible price to performance! Easily the best budget M.2 SSD available right now. Quick boots, quick loading screens, quick transfers, this answers every question that I've had about M.2 SSDs so far; They really are as good as everyone says.


This is a pretty well priced RGB case, with some nice colourful fans on front to get distracted by while you're trying to play. There's a nice amount of room for everything and space management is nice and easy. The same cannot be said for cable management. There's not much room behind for cable and me not having a modular power supply there's a pretty noticeable bulge in the side panel. It's not too bad but still pretty annoying. People with modular power supplies should have no issues since they can remove excess cables. Other than that, I'm very happy with this case and will be holding onto it for a while.

Oh yeah, and the tempered glass looks verrry nice.

Power Supply

Perfectly fine power supply, but really wishing I bought modular. All the extra cables are a real pain to deal with. It's still a very nice power supply though.

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  • 4 months ago
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If you have the time, I would definitely look into cable management. It makes any maintenance a lot easier as well as making the system look nice. You can look for videos on YouTube that should help give you an idea of where to route the cables. And about the THICC II you're thinking about, don't buy it. It's known to have issues and there are many better cards from Sapphire and Powercolor.

  • 2 months ago
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Thanks for the comment, I did in fact do some cable management once I put in a new card (MSI RX 580 Armor) and it's looking much better. I got the card second hand, and I'm almost kinda regretting it, it's pretty hot (hits around 92 in GTA V, 80 in ROBLOX what the hell?) so I'm looking at a 2060 super or a 2070 when I get around to upgrading again, or maybe a 3000 series card if they turn out to be good. It could be an airflow issue? The case doesn't feel like it has much airflow. Maybe new fans are in order.

  • 2 months ago
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Does the J25 case from Thermaltake come with the RGB fans or not?

  • 2 months ago
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I think there's two versions, one with RGB fans (RGB Edition) and one without. I couldn't find the non-RGB case anywhere, though.

They're rather nice looking fans, but their performance could be better. I'm probably going to swap them out at some point.