I don't get as much time to stream as I would like but this beast gets the job done. I didnt have a budget set and went for it. Plays everything in 2k Ultra so far over 120fps for the most part. I use a 144Hz monitor to compliment the hardware in this PC. OC it to 4.8 and pushed the GPU to 2035MHz with MSI Afterburner, breezes through games and streaming has minimal impact on performance. My biggest constraint is my internet speed.

Part Reviews


Awesome for gaming and streaming, runs hot at 4.8GHz but i plan to delid it.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my 7820X cool during use "stress tests" aside. Quite pump and good fans!


Pretty decent over clocking and the added M.2 heatsink is nice. I had issues with the Killer LAN thats in it but was able to resolve it with removing 99% of Killer's software and only using the driver INF file.

Video Card

OC to 2335 MHz on the clock and it runs cool with an aggressive fan curve. LEDs look good to.


Beautiful case with a lot of room for building and adding to. You could honestly throw any type of custom loop in here and have room left over.


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lol that og fortnite stream