This is what happens when your dad needs to replace an aged out old shel pc for basic web surfing and torrent downloading needs... Like the HTPC i had built him in the past, this thing is pure overkill for his needs...

My dad chose the case, the DIYPC - IllusionII-BR, which actually looks awesome, and is built very well considering the low price of it. Actual Tempered glass and some really nice fans. My only issue with the case, as we found out, is the top radiator mount area... It is too close to the motherboard, so we couldn't fit both fans on the h100i v2 and my dad opted to run it with 1 fan, which I dont like, but we are not overclocking at this point and he wont ever stress it, so it is kind of like running an h60 with double the radiator space haha, which looks odd but wont harm his system with his light use anyway. I tried to talk him into running it behind the RGB fans on the front as a push/pull, but his mind was made up for now. Also, the magnetic filter on the top is great, but the h1001 v2 came with round head screws, so it wont lay flat... My day said he is going to replace them eventually with flat tapered screws which will be perfect for it, but for now the top of the case has a little wave to the filter as a result lol.

The psu is overkill. we bought it due to an extreme sale that put it under the price of the Corsair CX he was going to buy originally... The system has a 1050ti in it, which isnt needed at all other than peace of mind as he plugs into normal TVs and had issues with integrated graphics not playing well on his last build (the screen would randomly flicker or refresh like an old overscan issue.... Its related to his TV model, but he wanted the peace of mind that it would never be an issue... which is also why his HTPC has a 1050ti... same reason). Either way, we have a ton of headroom on this psu as a result.

Originally we almost went with an 850 Evo like his HTPC for a main drive, until I showed him what the 960 specs are by comparison, and so we went that way and paired it with a Barracuda 4tb for data that was on another great sale. At some point I expect him to hook up the 3 internal and 2 external drives of his old pc we are replacing as they are his movie collection, but we are starting fresh with a new 4tb for now.

Ram... yup, 3600mhz and RGB... That is what happens when the price is barely more than the 2400mhz non led due to sales lol... we did the overkill for pennies on the dollar extra. the 3200mhz of the same ram was actually $2 more and also on sale when i jumped on this stuff... XMP is on and the ram is pulsing yellow inside the blue fan lit case. The motherboard also pulses yellow (it is RGB capable) and the corsair logo on the cooler is solid yellow. It looks decent, but a little more yellow would be nice to balance it out some more...

The motherboard gave us a small issue... It uses a newer Intel NIC I haven't had to install before, Intel I219-V... WHAT A PAIN! The windows 10 install didnt install the drivers, no big deal... the supplied cd (we have an external dvd-r) couldn't install the drivers and said there was no intel device installed so i tried the realtek and killer drivers too on the disc in case the Intel listed was a typo, but no NIC detected... I ended up in device manager uninstalling a randomly named device that eventually became the NIC and showed as "Ethernet Adapter", then manually went through properties on that to look for the driver files on the disc which it then installed... from my googling, this is normal with that NIC on the MSI boards at least.

So no its all installed, it all works, and it totally overkills its intended use :P

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Great board, but the Intel I219-V nic is a massive pain to install... gotta uninstall the random device in device manager and then try manually installing the driver through device manager from the cd or downloaded driver files...


Duuuuude....... RGB and fast as hell.... RGB works in Corsair Link, and can be controlled by the MSI Mystic software for the motherboard also that I have tested...


Much higher quality than the price would make you believe. The fans are beautiful and very quiet, and the construction quality of this thing is superb. Real tempered glass even... My only issue is that the 360mm top mounting location lacks space over the motherboard to support a radiator with fans... and the dust screen on top sits too flush, so if you use screws on those top mounts that are not flat tapered the cover wil ripple over the screw heads and look weird... There is plenty of cable room in the shroud below and on the back of the tray. This case could benefit from a few wire routing holes over the top of the motherboard for the connection up there, but space is tight up there. For the price, this is an awesome case. an RGB version would be amazing.

Power Supply

Good old dependable Seasonic

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  • 24 months ago
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When someone’s web surfing PC is better than your PC

  • 24 months ago
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I know right!? lol

My old Shinigami build has nothing on this thing now

  • 14 months ago
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You could've used the Ryzen 3 2200G Because it's a good daily CPU, 4 Core 4 Thread CPU with a Vega APU, It still has great performance in doing tasks.