After relentless peer pressure from a good friend, I finally caved and built my first PC back in June 2019. Being my first build, I spent a ton of time doing research and learning about the process. It was a great experience and I love the final result!

The plan was to create a machine for under $1200 that would primarily be used for gaming, and secondly as a workstation for light design/development work. Beyond those requirements, a black and white theme was preferred with minimal RGB lighting. I paid a bit extra on some parts in order to match the theme, I don't regret the extra spend for a completed look.

Overall, the build process was smooth, only facing a minor issue when the MOBO initially wouldn't boot. Though some googling and a clear of the CMOS got me on my way.

The build is exceptionally quiet, stays cool, looks great, and runs most games at 1440p/60fps+ at max settings. More importantly it runs Rocket League at 144fps+ :)

As far as overclocking goes, I tinkered with the CPU and was able to produce a stable 4.0GHz@1.3125v, though I decided not to run this long term. However, for the GPU I did boost the core clock +120 and the Memory Clock +600 and have maintained those specs without issue.

I already had an existing monitor and keyboard, so on my purchase list is to replace the old keyboard with a new mechanical one. (My first venture into mechanical keyboards as well!)

I hope you enjoy my build, please leave feedback/comments/questions!

EDIT: Added details around budget and existing parts, will update again once I've purchased some things I've been putting off.

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  • 5 months ago
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So many thoughts. 3466 RAM? 2060? No keeb listed? But, GREAT looking build! +1

  • 5 months ago
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Thanks! I was limited on some of the parts since I was looking for white sticks of RAM that were listed on the MOBO QVL, those 3466 were the only ones... though I probably could have gotten away with some not on the list at a cheaper price and at the 3200 spec.

Keyboard is on the purchase list!

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