This PC has gone through many iterations of upgrades before getting where its at today. I use it daily for Gaming, Video Editing, and the occasional heavier task.

Part Reviews


Great CPU but deliding is almost required to keep low temps and high clock speeds.

CPU Cooler

Great AIO with good fans, use it to cool my 1080ti with a kraken G12

CPU Cooler

Great Cooler, keeps my 8700k nice and cool


Good mid end motherboard for overclocking


Keeps its advertised speeds well and the rgb looks great on it


Still use it after all these years as my secondary drive


Great Drive, used for my OS and majority of games, however would recommend something cheaper that will perform just as good

Video Card

Has worked great with the stock cooler and with my Kraken G12, Overclocks quite well


Great case only after you get a mesh front panel replacement

Case Fan

Amazing fans in color, sound, and cooling.

Case Fan

Amazing fans in color, sound, and cooling.


pretty basic monitor, ok for a secondary screen


Decent monitor and the 75hz is a nice touch


Love that this has hotswap, currently using Kaihl Box Burnt Orange switches on mine


Great mouse, sometimes can feel a little flimsy but overall a great mouse


Audio quality is great but the mic leaves alot to be desired. Battery life is quite good as well.


Great Audio quality is a small form

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Love the Cyberpunk feel.

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