I use it for gaming and CAD/CAM work. It is pretty awesome in both departments, and didn't break the bank too much.

Right now it works excellent, and the stock cooler on the Ryzen 3700X does its job just fine. However it is a bit noisy (can't hear it with headphones on though). The next thing going in this build might be a good Noctua cooler to make it completely silent. the PC has no mechanical HDD, it has this M.2 drive plus 2 traditional SSD drives, so except this CPU cooler fan, there is no sound coming out of it!

All in all, so far I'm really liking this. It is a UFO in all classes on UserBenchMark :)

Really enjoyed making this 1st build!

Part Reviews


the Ryzen 3700X is 1 notch more than I really needed, but since I don't plan on upgrading for a bunch of years, I decided it was worth the extra 140$ over the 3600X. For only today though, someone wanting to save a few bucks could use the 3600X for sure.


The MSI X570A-PRO motherboard seems great so far, no fancy built-in led stuff, just what I wanted. 2 M.2 slots on the front. Super easy to flash Bios as well.


Ram got sped up instantly to 3600Mhz using XMP in mobo. Works as advertised.


That Adata XPG SX8200 Pro is not as fast as what they advertise it to be, but still way faster than a regular SSD when plugged in the NVME slot in a supporting motherboard.

Video Card

The RTX 2070 is already dated(?!), but I bought it dec. 2019. This PC came along because my old PC was not keeping up with this card and was a huge bottleneck. This build freed the RTX to perform as it should, couldn't be happier of the result. If I was to build it today, I would probably pick the RTX 2060 Super. I play in 3440x1440 and get no frame drop on high in shadow of the Tomb Raider (60fps though).


The case is ok. If you have extra money maybe spend it on that. The plastic window is nice, but it has 4 screws that need an allen key. I will be replacing those with more normal thumb screws for easier removal. The main issue I had, is that even if it says it can support 2X 140mm fans on the front, it is really built for 3x 120mm fans. I had to try a few ways to see how to make the 2x140mm fans I got line up with the holes on the case, then I finally got it. You start with the lower fan at bottom of the case, the 4 holes line up perfectly. The other fan goes right above it, but only 2 of the 4 holes line up good, the other 2 are something like 1mm offset. I had to re-drill the 2 holes bigger in the fan for the bolts to go through. Not that big a deal, but I would expect the holes to line-up perfectly... Also, the stiffening "frame" bars that split the 3 fans (120) come right across the middle of the 140s. That might always be the case though, I don't really know since it's my 1st build. Other than that, the case is good for cable management, and by removing the HDD cage it has tons of room inside, easy to work with.

Power Supply

The PSU will last a long time without upgrading, but might be a bit overkill on this system with the 850W. However, I would definitely recommend a semi-modular model, it is so clean with only the wires you need.

Case Fan

Can't hear those things! I have 2 of these and 1x 120mm and they are all silent.

Case Fan

Can't hear that thing! I have 1 of these and 2x 140mm and they are all silent.

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How much fps does it run on fortnite?

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I'm really not sure, I don't play fortnite sorry. But I would imagine that Shadow of the tomb raider is more demanding, but not sure really. The reason it does 60fps in tomb raider is that I locked it at that with Vsync since my monitor only supports 60hz refresh rate.

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This is slick! Nice!