"I say 4th Generation Rig, but its really my 2nd intel build..."

This is the 4th creation I've built for my self, it started back in high school with a cobbled together AMD build (something with a Athlon Dual core I thinkorwas^It^Celeron) that my dad made for me back when I was still in JrHigh. The second creation I made was put together with pieces of the previous one my dad helped me make but this time I chose the CPU and mother board; FX6300 and some Asus motherboard I don't remember the name.. and the final incarnation had a Radeon HD7870 (I ended up giving they build to my brother - I did switch out the stock cooler for a EVO212 though)

That poor little machine served my well for several years (read 3ish) - in that time I got use to the sub 30 frames I was getting. Until one frightful year I decided I was going build my first full Intel rig (which was this build) (I did upgrade to a 1070 which is in the current build, toward the end) It kept me happy for about 5 years.... Until January of this year...

To which did a refresh of most of the 5yr+ old parts with something a little more modern. Today I purchased my first ever M.2 SSD, finally bring me into the realm of the cool kids...Right?

Over all I'm insanely impressed by the quality of the Samsung SSDs they survived 5 years of intense gaming sessions and many moves in -20C weather (lived in a very cold place for a couple years.)

Up until my first Intel build I had never used SSDs before so I wasn't entirely sure how they would do in longevity compared to WDs HDDs that I have been using before. My expectations were totally blown away.. Good job Samsung!

I mostly use my rig for gaming and for the labour and love I've put in... I don't think it was worth it... judging by the price take for the OVERALL amount spent on it, the increase in FPS and smoothness went from leaps and bounds from my AMD build to my first Intel build to marginal increases. At this point I'm just spending money to keep the gaming experience consistent every refresh cycle. From my previous Intel build to this new one it felt like I was just keeping my foot in door of average 60FPs across the latest triple A games...

Was it worth it?

No... It would probably feel more worth it if I didn't cheap out on 60hz 1080P monitors... Those are the only ones that I feel are priced reasonable.. $200ish+ for that vs $400+ needed for an okay 1440P 120/144hz monitor or spent the money on a 2080/1080...

But I suppose I chose this hobby right? shrug

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  • 11 months ago
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I agree that the monitors could use an upgrade, especially in refresh rate. As for SSDs, they make HDDs look like what magnetic tapes are to HDDs (or lines of mercury to magnetic tapes).

  • 1 month ago
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How does the Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM cooler fit inside your rig? Is it a tight fit or does it leave enough room for your Ram and your Video card ports? I am aiming to purchase an MSI Creator TRX40 motherboard for a 3970X and I have decided to use the Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM instead of a liquid-cooling unit but I am not sure what type of chassis to go with, in regards to concern of hight clearance. I was lead to the 760T as an ideal option but I figured I would ask someone who actually owns both the chassis and the cooler I am looking into purchasing. Thanks for your help!