This is a build I made for a friend of mine who we'll call Xander. Met him on le Reddit, pieced together this system, and built it for him. he ended up giving me 8 gigs of RAM as a reward, at a time when those sold for a good $40-60 CAD.

This build started off as a 2200g/16gb/RX 570 build, we later opted for the 3600 and 32gb combo, which is why the GPU, PSU, MoBo, SSD, and case are all low-end for this rig. Building went smoothly, but the cheapness of the case was a pain to deal with. It was sooooo cramped, and a mATX motherboard covers all of the cutouts for the cables (a ITX motherboard would fit well here). I was able to get a passable result in the end though.

Had we decided on a higher budget earlier, we'd have come up with a muich punchier build. Still, I think this is a mighty fine PC that should give a few years of great service. Definitely a worthy upgrade from the aging Macbook he used to use for gaming.

Part Reviews


Great value CPU. Amazing well-rounded performance for the price.


We had originally bought a 2200g. Upon deciding to spring for a 3600, we used it to update the BIOS. The motherboard works perfectly fine for a 3600 at stock; We're not overclocking, but from the looks of it, I wouldn't recommend this motherboard to anyone looking to do some tweaking.


Works and runs at advertised speeds and timings. No complaints.


Works, runs fast enough for our machine. No complaints.

Video Card

We are running this boi at stock clocks. Runs very quiet and offers pretty dang good performance for the money. This is the lowest-end GPU I'd recommend for a gaming machine, though.


If you're a new builder, don't buy this case. Cable management was very difficult as the cable holes get covered up by a mATX motherboard, forcing us to use an SSD mounting location as a routing hole. No PSU shroud either means we have to hide everything in the back... unfortunately there's very little space behind the motherboard. A challenge, but experienced builders might manage to make a great looking AND compact build in this case though. Definitely buy a modular PSU if you go for this case.

Power Supply

It works, but 450W is pretty limiting as far as upgrading is concerned. It's quality is fairly "meh" as well. Overall, wouldn't recommend for gaming systems, maybe useful for low-end media stations with no/a low power GPU.


Not quite as sharp as the other 21.5" 1080p monitor I own thanks to the reduced pixel density, but still a fine monitor no less. No complaints.


1080p on 21.5" makes for a fairly sharp image. Colors look great. 75Hz looks reasonably smooth. Overall, I'd recommend this panel.


Feels just like a keyboard you'd buy from Razer or Corsair, for up to 200 less (CAD) dollars. Would be nice to have more RGB illumination modes but for the price, it can't be beat at ALL. Would highly recommend for budget gamers.


Meh, it works. Lights up the case very well, but a bit expensive for what it's worth, though. No other complaints.

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