Long story short, this build was worked on for the span of about 3 years. Me being a broke high school (I'm still broke and I'm still in high school lol) student found it tough to pay for a lot of these components, but I worked at it, and I waited for deals on the parts I wanted. My parents/friends got me a lot of things for Christmas and for my birthday, which definitely helped me get this build finished. Prime Day, and Black Friday were the 2 "big" shopping days I used to get amazing deals on all my parts.

Ryzen 5 2600x: Good bang for your buck. I was considering Intel, but I was attracted to how useful my motherboard will be later on if I wanted to upgrade my CPU. Plus, I’m not the biggest gamer, and I care more about multitasking than having the best frame rate.

Corsair h100i v2: It gets the job done. Although I am kind of upset that Corsair released the pro version of this water cooler a couple of weeks after I got it. Finally, Amazon had the Cablemod White Sleeving in stock, so I ordered that to add onto my h100i v2; it looks very nice.

Asus x470-F ROG Strix: I love this motherboard. It’s probably the best one that was available, and the fact that I got a killer deal on it makes it even better. Although I payed the ROG Strix tax when buying the other components, I’d say it’s justifiable.

GSKILL Trident Z RGB DDR4: It’s kind of disappointing that I payed an outrageous amount of money compared to what the prices are right now. But I love the ram and it works great so I don’t see any problems here. I will say that I don’t care for the Asus Aura Sync software and that’s simply because it doesn’t allow for a whole ton of customization.

Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB: It make me comp run fast.

Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070 ti: It gets the job done. A lot of friends tell me that it would’ve just been smarter to buy the RTX 2060 when it came out, but honestly I enjoy this model. The lighting is kind of wonky on it because the colors don’t match with the other colors on my other Asus products (Choosing white on my motherboard looks white, while choosing white on my GPU looks almost grey).

Phanteks p400s: Really good looking case. I’d say it's probably the best case if you’re looking for a black and white color scheme. Cable management is decent, but I’m pretty sure there are newer models of different cases that have better cable management.

Thermaltake RGB ATX Fully Modular PSU: Look I get it, why choose a RGB power supply if you can’t even see the colors? The reason for this is just because it was cheaper than everything else at the time. It’s fully modular which is a huge plus and the fact that it’s 650 watts makes this a pretty good purchase.

Corsair ll120 Fans: Can I just say, THESE FANS ROCK! Sure, you pay a huge premium for the amount of RGB you get, but if they’re on sale then it's not that bad. The software is amazing, but it takes some time getting used to.

Corsair k65 Rapidfire: Good keyboard, but the space bar on it sucks. I’m over here trying to do cool combos in Anthem (or any other game that uses the space bar a lot) and the space bar locks to one side. It eventually fixes itself, but it's very annoying. They could've easily fixed this by putting 2 cherry mx switches on the space bar so it wouldn't lock in place, but whatever :)

Logitech g502: I appreciate the 3 buttons on the side of the mouse. The 3rd button is really helpful because I use it for pinging things in Apex Legends, I use it for my ability in Rainbow 6 Siege, and I use it for a variety of other things in other games. The software is nice, and it is very easy to set up macros in it.

Razer Kraken Pro v2: I have a lot of problems with this headset which is why I’ll be upgrading it in the future.


  • I do have to disable to “lightingservice.exe” task in task manager in order to launch games that use EasyAntiCheat which I think bugs out the fans. I’ve noticed this whenever I play a game on Origin, the lighting on the fans just start turning to different colors. I’m sure it can be fixed in a update for iCUE though. (Looking through this, I have noticed that the fans only bug when playing an Origin Game.)

  • With all the wires from the ll120 fans and the sync hub it kind of makes cable management very tricky. Sometime this month, I'm going to redo the cable management in the pc, just because I bought cable clips earlier in the year.


  • The 1070 TI can run almost any game that I throw at it in 1440p at a really good frame rate. Been playing a lot of Rainbow 6 Siege recently and that game handles very well on this video card. Apex Legends runs beautifully at 1440p which is awesome. Destiny 2 handles very well, and so does a bunch of other games. Those are just my top picks.

  • RGB looks amazing and I am so glad I spent the extra "tax" on it.

  • The monitors which I bought from Acer Re-certified are working very well and I have no problems with them. I could probably even change the color settings within the monitor to have it look even better. I know that the Freesync is working very well with my GTX 1070 TI, but I have noticed some "frame skips" which I don't know if the Freesync is even the issue for that.

Future Upgrades:

  • If I am in a stable position with cash to burn, I am going to consider upgrading my Ryzen to the "final" version which I think comes out in 2020

  • At that point, I might as well upgrade the graphics card as well, but I need to wait for Nvidia's next generation (after RTX), or when AMD released really good cards (because I won't need to upgrade it for a while.)

  • Of course, upgrading the Motherboard to have more RGB would be the way to go, so I am really hoping ASUS puts out a really nice looking ROG board (like they have for intel).

  • More of the GSKILL Trident Z RGB ram would be amazing, but for right now it's only purpose would be for RGB (which I mean there's no harm in that... lol)

  • I plan on getting a new headset and I plan on getting a mixer, with an Audio Technica AT2020 mic in the near future. This is just because I've recently gotten into music production so it'd be very nice to have upgraded gear for that.

Thank you to everyone who decided to read this build! If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible!

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Feature bc of the background lmao

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Thanks I made it in photoshop myself :)

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You are right, there are other models of the Phanteks Eclipse cases, but they're usually expensive, which I think you made a good call of choosing the P400. Which IMO is one of the best cases for the money you could get.

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Hell Yeah.

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  1. Clean build
  2. amazing wallpaper (or wallpapers? _('')/)
  4. gg
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