PC build story

First some backstory

I have been into PCs for about 4-5 years when 6th gen was pretty new maybe a bit before. I switched from Xbox which I’ve had for much longer because I wanted to be able to use Minecraft commands and mod games. I started with an HP Streamer (for those that are interested) I originally just played Minecraft and terraria all those games and I really enjoyed it. But one day the laptop stopped working. I don’t know why probably because of heating but I would go into Minecraft with amazing frames 40 ish and then I would drop to 12 for 5 min then crash.

Eventually had to get a new computer but I wanted a desktop. I had to go between 3 houses all the time so I got a modded HP Envy(laptop). That thing was a beast i7 6700HQ 12gb of ram 950m for only $856 (realize this was before 10 series mobile Max-Q). That laptop eventually was to slow for me so a year ago I traded it for a 1070 and put $800 into getting a desktop which gets us here. This is my new desktop (June 22 was build date).

Sorry I’m really bad at story telling I’m sure I have some run on sentences and this is one huge wall of text but it can be read hopefully

More and better images soon (maybe but probably not)


  • R5 1600 reached 3.7ghz sometimes up to 3.8
  • Green color scheme looks nice
  • Founders cards look nice
  • The H7 is great for the 1600
  • mATX is a great size with few sacrifices
  • Side panel windows are great
  • Do your cable management
      Thanks for reading

Part Reviews


I choose my cpu because it was the best price to performance CPU at the time in my price range. >$180. Because that’s all I had left after buying everything else. It has 6 cores 12 threads great for gaming and productivity. It is great still I gave it at 1.28125 or something like that at 3.7 ghz.


The motherboard was a good overclocker with great VRM cooling. It has 2 m.2 slots and all the PC-IE slots I need. It was that simple. Bad bios though.


Ram was 16 gb of fast vengeance lpx ram. It was the cheapest and it is a very solid all around choice in construction, warranty, and speed. It’s ram and it works that all you really need to know though.

Video Card

A GTX 1070 is a great gpu even now after the 20 series has been released (partially). It is one of the best bang for your buck GPUs amazing at 1080p and 1440p at 144 and 60hz respectively. You can expect max setting from this card for less than $400. **It was also the only card that anyone would trade my old laptop for.


Case was a Mini ATX case with a side panel, good cable management, sound dampening foam, and a power supply shroud. Enough said.

Power Supply

The Corsair power supply was selling for $40 it’s reliable and quiet sacrificing modularity to give the best performance at an affordable price. Would recommend for anyone on a budget less than 1k. Unless you need more than 400 watts.

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  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

I have the same build. But instead of 1600 with gtx 1070 I went with 1700 and 1080. Oc 1700 to 3.8 and 1.3250V. Soc voltage 0.9V. Oc my RAM (crucial sport grey 2666) to 3000ghz with 1.3V. And leave everything else run default. Run pretty stable .

  • 16 months ago
  • 3 points

how is that called a same build if you pick R7 1700 + GTX 1080?

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

I don't cringe at the build. i love it but i sure do cringe at the pic quality lol