Originally built this machine Exactly 6 years ago on the date (11/30/12). And I have to say, this has been one of the best bang for my buck machines I ever built. It has gone through a few upgrades, and it has survived multiple moves, including 1 major shipping move from Alaska to Texas. This Machine, simply will not die, as much as I almost wanted it to, so that I could justify building a brand new one this year. It was consistently overclocked at 4.4ghz for all 6 years. It now is even overclocked to 4.7ghz, with the help of a new and better AIO.

Today I just completed an overhaul on the machine, after debating if I wanted to build a new computer over CyberMonday deals or not. It was a hard decision to buy everything or not, as my CPU/MOBO/RAM/SSD's/GPU are all in perfect working order. I didn't feel like taking the leap to AMD after years of Intel Service. So I decided to just buy a new AIO Cooler and Powersupply. As my previous AIO had began to fail (6 years for an AIO is impressive). And the power supply had begun to make some migraine inducing sounds under load.

I completely disassembled the case, removed all hardware and fans. I didn't like how the Hard Drive cage sat behind the front intake, it served a good purpose upon initial build in Nov. 2012 until about mid summer 2014, after that I switched out my 1TB 15K RPM Raptor Hard Drive, for a mix of 250GB/500GB SSD's. I later on grabbed a 3rd SSD (1TB) as well. So all in all, losing airflow for driving air over a cage with SSD's in it seemed pointless. I moved the cage inside the 5.5" bays and was able to secure it with 4 of the case screws that perfectly matched up below the 5.5" bays in an L shape pattern, enough to secure it. This also allows the SSD's to be front facing and removal with the front cover removed.

After that I replaced my previous 120mm Corsair SP120 fans that were previously used on the bottom and back, for some basic 140mm Antec TwoCool's I had laying around. I left the stock 120mm White LED corsair fans in front. I upgraded (or downgraded) to 140mm simply for the noise factor. The SP120's are super loud, and I wanted to make the computer as quiet as possible. I left the stock 200mm Side fan in place, it actually runs very quiet on the lowest setting. The stock case fan and front fans are case speed controlled from the front panel. I just keep them at low.

I then removed my old AIO (Corsair 1st Gen H100) and did all the work to prep the area, also made sure to clean the whole motherboard nicely, took out the CPU and cleaned it thoroughly as well. did a thorough case cleaning and then installed the new AIO (EVGA CLC240). But I changed the configuration from my previous setup. I mounted the radiator up top in the fan bay, and mounted the fans below for a push configuration. I previously had a pull configuration and didn't like the dust build up and noise from fans being up top. It fit perfectly after I broke off the crossbar to the top click down pan, and I was actually a bit bummed, because it seems like I could have probably squeezed a CLC280 up in there, I took measurements and it seems like it could work. Regardless, I'm happy with the CLC240.

Then came the power supply and trying to make it look nice, i tried really hard, but this case has an odd cable management system for the amount of cabling I have going on. So it worked up until I started having to connect the VGA/CPU connectors. I tried though, and I'm happy overall with the aesthetics.

I put the video card back in and was happy to see it still fit despite losing some space from mounting the hard drive cage in the 5.5" bays. Airflow might be lost a little, but so far not a big concern.

Going over the changes and upgrades over the years... Most of the parts list is still 1/2 original, the CPU/Mobo/Ram/Bluray/Case is all the original stuff. I've had to upgrade the GPU, changed out my original ADATA SSD OS drive that died for proper SSD's (Samsung EVO's) and now finally changed out the PSU and AIO. The GPU now is actually fresh from EVGA's refurbish line as of a month ago, as my previous 980 ti began having fan failures. So it could be considered "new".

Overall, very happy with how this system has progressed and that the core of the system is still ticking perfectly. Hoping to get another year or two out of it.

Original Parts no longer on the list from the 2012 Build:

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100 (Degradation at 5 year mark, near failure at 6 years)

GPU: EVGA GTX 580 Superclocked (Upgraded to EVGA GTX980 Ti Dec. 2015)

PSU: Corsair HX850 Gold Series (Degradation at 6 year Mark)

SSD(OS): ADATA Premier PRO SP900 256GB (Failed 1 year after, replaced with OS Drive with Samsung 850 EVO 250GB)

HDD1: Western Digital Black 1TB 7,200RPM (Upgraded to 1TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD 3 years later)

HDD2: Western Digital Raptor 500GB 15K RPM (Upgraded to 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD 2 years later)

3dMark FireStrike Score 16,507

CPU-Z Validation

Part Reviews


One of the best CPU chips I've ever owned. Has ran overclocked at 4.4ghz for 6 years and counting. I actually just recently upgraded to a new AIO cooler (EVGA CLC240) and now im running at 4.7ghz.

CPU Cooler

Very nice AIO, acts a bit quirky with the software. Sometimes fires up and goes max RPM and then jumps back down. The software overall, is what drops this a star, it's very gimmicky and the LED sync is not friendly at all, and upon system reboot, you need to reset everything.

Also was making some odd bubbly sounds for a while, but seems to have stopped. It has been a major performance upgrade over my previous AIO which was a 1st Gen Corsair H100.

Video Card

Still a powerful card, being overclocked as much as it is, it blows stock GTX 1070's out of the water. Feel comfortable hanging onto it for another generation or two.


Not my most favorite case, but I loved the color profile. The insides in terms of cable management are a pain to work with, the backside panel shims right up to the cables, which prevents normal bundles from working properly. For the price I got it (99.99) I am satisfied, and it has served me well over 6 years and survived some major moves.

Power Supply

Love how modular it is, feels more heavy than usual power supplies and of good quality. Holds very steady voltages. Can't go wrong with EVGA.


Nice monitor for being 144hz, but I really dislike the grainy like contrast that is not able to be fixed in anyway. Performs well and serves its purpose.


Random RGB lights died about a year after, still using it as it works just fine. But for the price paid, very disappointed the lighting didn't stick.


Amazing comfortable feel, good lasting battery life. Although I sometimes spend an entire night just leaving it wired by accident. Love all the programmable button options and sensitivity changer. Great mouse.


Got these about 2 years ago, I just recently had had to get my second pair replaced via the best buy replacement program. Will also likely be the last time. The sound, when it works right, is great, the buttons and volume work ok. What makes me drop this 2 stars is the power button, charging port, and high frequency of static noise occurrences while wireless.

The power button feels very loose, on 3 pair I've had, and after a few months of use of being turned off and on, it will likely seperate some wiring inside the headset and eventually cause weird audio issues. Has happened twice now.

The charging port isn't as friendly to plug in and out as it could be, maybe a nicer adapter to slide into the headset to ensure easier connections would be nice.

The wireless audio is very spotty. You need to have the receiver REALLY close to the headset or else sometimes you'll hear static during idle periods.

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Cool, nice build men, thanks for sharing !!! i love the 980ti's

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Thanks dude!

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