This is my superior computer for any task, playing forza horizon 4, cranking shaders in minecraft, playing vr at 120 fps (wait, what!). This is actually the same computer from My first build but with so many changes and modifications that its not the same computer. I mainly use this for mild gaming with occasional music arrangement and it runs great on all of it.

The computer runs silently, the only noise the computer makes is wind noise, the sound dampers in the case really help! Ok, now to the VR thing. I got the liquid cooler because at the time it wasn't much more expensive than a decent air cooler. Due to the fact that the cpu couldn't generate enough heat to overpower the cooler, I could extensively run it at full load in high rendering scenarios without fear of overheating. I ran a few benchmarks on VRMark and was getting 5700 to 5800, running at an average never, on all the tests, below 120fps, The frame drops were minimal, mostly due to vram overflow, but that was in the forest scene which takes a lot of rendering to move ALL of those leaves with complex shading in them (don't have any VR titles like that). Thanks to the GPU cuda cores and the fact that this i3 only has ever so slightly lower scores than an i5-4590 (minimum vr cpu), the PC actually scores ABOVE the minimum specs.

I had a ton of fun building this computer and wish you all farewell and give you hope that you can build a great PC yourself!

Part Reviews


pleasantly surprised! runs vr pretty well on popular non CPU demand titles but when trying to render several entities (the main menu for the game by valve "the lab") it tends to spend too much time rendering those and FPS is ~30, on everything else I've tested (steam home, Vivecraft, minigames in the lab) it is running great! Note to people for high intensive stuff, get a 50 buck single 120mm watercooler, it keeps your cpu frosty peaking at around 45C and allows your cpu to boost for exstensive periods without overheating. i suppose a high end air fan would work too.

Stock fan: just throw it away, not very strong and the paste on there is beaten by my toothpaste.

Video Card

epic gpu, lots of power for fh4 60+fps at high and minecraft shaders SEUS. quick word of advice about this gpu. just because the fan turns on doesn't mean you gpus overheating. in fact, you can push it 20 degrees past the point it turns on. its mostly there to make your PC more scilent and it really does help. so dont be scared because your fan on your gpu turns on. (note: this gpu turns its fan on at 50C i believe, most gpus besides evga dont have the fan not run until a certain temp so its super cool this one does. just keep HWMonitor open if your concerned about your gpu temp) CRUSHES VR ON HTC VIVE!!! it runs flat 90 fps on less cpu demanding stuff but on cpu demanding stuff my i3 6100 cant support enough frames. (mostly rendering several enities at once) overall really impressed. Note: if your comparing this and the rx 580, go with this if you're a game lighting junkie, it has much better lighting detail

Case Fan

buget RGB fans, no tradeoffs if using with RGB sync software, the controller doesnt fade the colors so it looks a little cheap at low light change speeds (from 1-5, i reccommend 3) but otherwise amazing (the RGB software like asus aura or something else fixes this problem, its just the included controller)

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