So ive been gaming for a very long time on Xbox One with about 6 friends and in February we all decided to build and join the PC community. They all got their PCs in February so ive been gaming on console still by myself and you can imagine the pain talking to them on Discord while i was playing on console still. After researching and making countless builds for about 3-4 months i was finally able to build my PC. The process was fairly smooth i had zero issues with building (probably because i would get bored and watch a youtube vid of someone building) and my PC started up on the first attempt. The only issue i had was my hard drive was not being recognized by windows but a quick google search fixed that problem. Overall the experience of building a PC was very enjoyable and this website was a huge factor in having a successful build from part recommendations to peoples advice and seeing other completed builds. Only game ive played so far was battle grounds and the experience was awesome getting 80fps on medium settings. Surprisingly my super cheap mouse and keyboard are very nice.

Figure id throw this in: I actually bought the graphics card around march before the mining boom hit, luckily i did havent seen a 480/580 or 1060 6gb around that 210 price for a while.

Part Reviews


Love it so far, have not overclocked at all yet will be doing a mild one shortly


Everything so far seems great BIOS is easy to navigate havnt tested the bluetooth or wifi yet


actually have the 3000 version but not running at that rate yet, gotta mess with it


windows didnt recognized it but quick google search fixed that

Video Card

Great so far, one of the highest rated 1060 cards and i got it for a steal currently at $210 and ghost recon wildlands for free


Very easy to build in, hate the blue LED case fan though, should just take it out but didnt want to spend the 10$ on another fan, hid the blue LED fan in the bottom of the front and the blue is barely visiable.


Blue switches so they are a little loud, but i love the feel of the keyboard and it looks great with the blue LED and the brushed aluminum.


so far so good cant tell the difference between this and my friends steel series rival 100 that ive used.

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