Having eeked almost 10 years out of an alienware m15x laptop, I finally snapped as Cities Skylines slowed to a single digit fps. Now, behold the fruits of my rage! This is for gaming and development work. Everything went pretty well in the build, except for the Asus prime z370 motherboard, one of the three screws holding the CPU cradle onto the board popped off when locking the cpu down. The thread was completely gone so it wouldn't screw back in, despite much wailing and gnashing of teeth. As it turns out, everything still worked fine after this little mishap, so I just carried on regardless. Motherboard also has a really cheap feeling I/O shield, but this wasn't too big a deal for me. It's not visible from where it or I sit anyway, but by this point I was beginning to question my mobo choice. Oh and the fact I screwed the cpu cooler in so that 'Corsair' is upside down. I will fix that....eventually. But I have much gaming to do first.

Part Reviews


I seem to have got a reasonably decent one. I have it running @5ghz and it runs pretty cool at 65c-ish under full load. I did have it at 5.1ghz using the "EZ Tuning" features of the ASUS Prime Z370-A, but that set the voltage too high for my delicate sensibilities at 1.45v and also ran much too hot, getting well over 80c.

CPU Cooler

It's pretty quiet, except when going at full chat which is, fortunately, not that often. It's not the most eye-catching of designs, with only really the word Corsair showing any signs of flair. However, it's a cpu cooler, and it keeps an overclocked i7-8700k well within a safe temperature range, so it's hard to argue with that.

Thermal Compound

Appears to be doing the job.


I'm in two minds about this thing. On the one hand, I think it looks great in the case, has just about every feature you could want and features some snazzy LEDs if that's your thing. On the other hand, I'm left questioning the build quality. One of the three screws holding the cpu cradle in place popped off when locking the cpu in. The thread was completely gone so it wouldn't screw back in. Fortunately this seems not to have mattered at all as everything is in working order. It also comes with an IO shield that looks and feels a bit cheap, and which has little metal tabs on it that seem to perform no other function than to get in the way when you're trying to get the board into place.

Video Card

I got a little bit kid-waiting-for-christmas with this, spending far in excess of what I needed to while defensively shouting things like "the eagle thing lights up!" when questioned on my choice. But, and I don't know if you know this - the eagle thing lights up. It's also a pre-overclocked version of the 1080 Ti, and comes with the ability to turn it up even more, to 11. Most impressive is how cool it stays; it seems like the onboard cooling really does manage to cope with this thing running at full pelt, while remaining really very impressively quiet. The card itself is extremely heavy at 1.44kg, but doesn't seem to have any sag or anything like that. If you can justify parting with the not insignificant asking price, it is highly recommended.


I really like this case. Sadly, it was the first thing I bought. I had heard that it was perhaps being discontinued, and I can see the white version of this (which was more expensive than the black at purchase time) is now selling online for a paltry £39, which is about 33% of what I paid for it. It's split into two chambers, one for the vast majority of components and another where all the wiring and drives can go, with openings between the two to keep cables tidy, which is great. As the name suggests, airflow through the main chamber is also impressive and, since all your wiring is hidden away, the main chamber also looks extremely nice and uncluttered through the window. Unfortunately, I do have one gripe with it, which is the hot swap bays on the base of the case. One of these two hotswap bays, the one towards the back of the case, seems to have an incredibly annoying buzzing/rattling. I originally had the secondary hdd in this bay, but the buzzing was driving me nuts, so I swapped the drive into the front bay and simply removed the offending tray. This is fine for now, but I've lost a disk bay as a result of it.

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  • 24 months ago
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+1 just for name

  • 24 months ago
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Hey nice build. I’ve got almost the same build but just one question, are those temps under load at the 5ghz? If so I need a new cooler cause mines over 90c at 1.35v

  • 24 months ago
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Yeah they are, your voltage is slightly over mine (mine is at 1.28v) but it's also using adaptive voltage and will go as high as 1.35v when it's at 100%. It seemed as though the voltage was the main factor in how hot it got. The asus prime z370 motherboard has a tuning wizard in the bios, and if I used that it set it at 1.45v and that ran far far too hot, high 80s and spiking over 90 with a huge amount of fan noise from the cooler. I'm by no means any kind of expert on overclocking (I just watched a few vids and then winged it), but I'm led to believe results may vary on a chip by chip basis as to what combination of settings will be stable and how hot it'll get, so I dunno if I just got a little lucky with my chip. I can only suggest trying to nudge the voltage down, if you haven't already spent the painful hours torture testing it and 1.35 is just where your sweet spot is. What cooler are you using?

  • 24 months ago
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Also (i may be talking crap here) but thermal paste? Have you used a good one and did you get it applied properly? I've certainly read a few forum posts where people have re-applied their thermal paste and seen an improvement in temps, but this is entirely anecdotal - I haven't seen this myself and "i saw it on some forum post" isn't hugely empirically convincing ;)

  • 24 months ago
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Wait why is the corsair logo upside down???

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 24 months ago
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Hah, cheers