The pricing includes everything including shipping, rebates and taxes. This computer is used for gaming, school and general working.

It has been working great so far and I would recommend most of the parts I used. Especially now that prices have dropped even further.

CPU - Mostly just wanted something in the mid-level price range. I also considered a Ryzen 1600 (was only $80) and later upgrading to a Zen 2 but I decided a 2600 would be good enough for my use.
CPU Cooler - It can get fairly hot where I am (up to 80-95F degrees indoors) so I wanted a good cooler. I also liked the look of it which is why I opted for this one instead of other brands.
Motherboard - Has WiFi, enough connections for my other items, and had good reviews. RGB was a nice extra. I also got $30 off when I bundled it with the CPU.
Memory - I only needed 16gb and kept hearing that AMD processors work better with faster RAM so I went for the 3200. The Ballistix was on sale at the time so I went for it.
Storage - The Crucial 2.5 SSD is used to store games and other items of low importance. The M.2 has the OS, a few programs, and is what I will use when working with certain files.
Video Card - Good Card with decent power. This is good enough currently. Considered getting a GeForce GTX 1660 but this has FreeSync and had the better extras like free games and rebates. Will most likely upgrade by next year's holiday season when prices go down.
Case - Was a well priced windowed case. Most importantly has 5.25 drive bays which I have not used yet but plan on getting a cd drive.
Power Supply - Initially bought a Corsair CX450M for a low price but it would have left little room for improvements later on and had little to no safety measures so I returned it. The current EVGA 850GQ is overkill for my system but I can now upgrade things if necessary and it has 80 plus gold efficiency. Most importantly it has protections against wrong voltage, current etc.
Case Fans - Since it gets hot indoors, I thought good airflow would be very important. These fans are fairly basic but they have white LEDs so they can light up the inside of my build.
Monitor - Wanted a good monitor that was not a TN panel. This seemed like a good choice with 144hz, 1ms response time and curved screen at a reasonable price. (Note: I bought my monitor with extended warranty which raised the price, would have otherwise been under $200)
Keyboard - Seemed like a good mechanical keyboard that has the option to remove entire switches if necessary. I also needed something that was backlit so the RGB is a nice extra.
Mouse - To go along with the other RGB items I decided to go with a cheap RGB gaming mouse. The G203 seemed like a decent option and I got it slightly discounted. So far, this is the only part of the build that I am not super happy with.

For an operating system I have Windows 10 but without activation so I cannot personalize the background and it has a watermark. I may leave it that way and save myself $150 since I don't want to get an OEM key.

The load temps I included were taken during benchmarks when the items were running 100% for a while. In my personal case I also will limit use when the ambient temperature gets too high. I have not overclocked anything and do not plan on it.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Really good product, I am able to get relatively low temps even under load and in hot weather. I had some trouble installing it as a first time builder but the look and performance was worth it.


Good and reliable ram so far. I am able to run many programs at a time including games, CAD software, basic office programs etc.


Nice case with lots of features for its price. Easily capable of carrying 6 fans if you remove the 3.5 drive bays (at the bottom). Also has decent cable management options.


My favorite part of my new build. Great RGB features, stylish look and it is nice to type on.

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