I used this machine for doing business. Developing video games, websites, online marketing, graphic design etc. also I use it to GAME, and it runs most everything on max settings. My best guess is that it's the SLI and possibly the 16gb of RAM that make the big difference in making this a badass PC.

No major problems, only thing is the back side of the MOBO can't be accessed without taking the whole thing apart, which I had to do to upgrade it with that awesome RGB CPU fan. The front inputs on that case are a little flimsy but work as expected.

Part Reviews


Well priced and still pushing like a champ. No problems yet at all, gaming and all.


Sucks settings this sucker up with all the drivers, but as long as you never lose those discs, you should be fine. Also unfortunately requires a bios udpate to use i7, but not a big deal. Good for the price in its time.


Served me well and still does for the most part but 1 of 4 sticks went bad after about a year.

Video Card

Awesome experience in SLI (owned 5 years)


To this day, the reason my build looks so sick is the ability to see its guts and the lights beaming out!

Power Supply

Perfect LED match for my build. Love it, gold certs and powerful!


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Well if you love it, then you love it +1. I like to see some of the old Sandy Bridge parts still getting some love:)

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Oh you have that case! Cool +1 For see through!

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old school build nice!