I built this gaming computer to replace my old one, I would like a compact gaming computer, with quite good performances but with limited noise and heat. So I came on PcPartPicker to use your ideas and build this gaming computer :

I chose the i7-8700 for its low TDP (65W) and quite good performances. I chose the RTX 2060 MSI gaming Z because of its particularity to easily cool the GPU with very low noise. I decided to use the Noctua NH-L9i to be able to add a 140 mm fan in order to create a draft in the motherboard compartment to avoid heat problems with the CPU.

Mounting : This GPU is the thicker card (52mm thick) i have seen in a Node 202 with 120x15mm fans and it fits well. But It is difficult to mount the GPU in the metal part of the case because a border of the PCB is 1mm to large. However if you don't use the screw that cause this difficulty the card fit well. There are few milometers between the GPU and the 120mm fans (the card can touch one fan in horizontal position but I don't think it is a problem)

The 140mm fan can be mounted if you remove the dust filter. You can buy a 140mm thin dust filter on amazon for 0.80euros. (not mounted on the photos, I'm waiting for it). the fan doesn't touch the cpu cooling fan but cables must be well fixed to not touch this fan.

The cable management is quite hard without the 2.5' hard drive case module. I think it is night mare with it ^.

Temperatures : With the Asus ROG motherboard the fan curve management is quite bad, your fan have to be set to 100% when CPU temperature > 75 °C. I plug the cpu fan on the cpu chan slot. I plug the 3 others fan on the chan fan slot and used the 2 noctua Y splitters with 3 Low noise adapters (provided in the noctua boxes) and set up the fan speed curve of the chan fan slot to minimum (20% / 40% if Temp<75° and 100% if Temp>75°C) and use the motherboard temperature sensor to enslave it. If you use the CPU temperature sensor you will have huge speed variations and the 140mm will be very noisy. To set up those parameters you can use the software provided buy asus ROG (the bios one is not complete enough). --> GPU max temperature with a 100% load = 65°C --> CPU temperature while playing APEX is around 65°C with a cpu fan at around 1400 rpm ( 120 and 140mm fans at 380 RPM)

Noise : with this configuration the main noise come from the NH-L9i CPU fan at 1400rpm at full load which is not very loud. When idle you barely can't hear any sound.

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