My first build's motherboard and CPU died, so I upgraded them!!

New Mobo: ASUS Rampage V Extreme U3.1 (Previously ASUS Deluxe I 3.1) New GPU: MSI 1070 Gaming X (Previously Palit 1070 Gaming Rock) New: Sleeved Cables (Previously Blue/White) New: White LEDs (Previously Blue)

This is a typical Black/Red setup although I have kept every other part which was styled around a blue/white theme. So I didn't sell the RAM as that would be a waste of money just to match the colours..

But I did scrap the sleeved cables and got a new matching set. Cost me...£50....

Yes that is an iPhone charging wire holding up my GPU with some blue zip ties. I was going to take pictures without it, but I don't like the sag, it makes it look bad xD

UPDATE: It seems my MSI Gaming X 1070 is buggy, so I have to return it. I will be upgrading my GPU to a 1080....


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Thanks, I wouldn't consider SLI since it's only slightly better than having one card, well with the 10xx series anyway. I think I may downgrade on my next upgrade. I do design and editing but nothing fancy like CAD stuff.