I think everyone will agree that AMD truly deserves attention now, they’ve finally made some great products and I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t choose their CPU or GPU? Last time I had an AMD & Radeon combo was back in 2003, after that- I had only Intel & Nvidia parts.

CPU I use my computer for both productivity and gaming, so going for a 3900X was a logical choice for me. Decent performance on the paper and now when built and tested in my daily actions I can only confirm, it is a very capable chip.

Cooler Corsair H115i, for quieter operation, I had a hard time installing it in this case while keeping all 3x 140mm fans in the front as none of the screw mounts fits it, and there’s not enough clearance on neither top or bottom part to mount the radiator in its intended position. Ended up installing it on 2x middle screws, holds well and probably would survive an earthquake too :D

GPU I didn’t want to overspend, the Radeon 5700XT seemed to be good sweet spot right now. When checking benchmarks, even the 2080 Super wouldn’t give me a considerable upgrade. So it’s a 2080 Ti then, but the price it retails for is out of my interest range, I’ve been there and thanks no- I don’t need a £1200 GPU anymore.

Purchased 50th Anniversary edition because I always liked some “limited” smell and for the small premium, why not? Card performs well I don’t notice any excessive noise from it; my Titan XP used to be much louder.

Motherboard Maybe I’ve overspent a little bit, could save a good amount of money if purchased B450 instead of this X570. I wanted some room for upgrades down the road, and also memory support on most B450 boards was kind of unpromising.

Board itself is excellent, plenty of connectivity and some smart decisions on their chipset heatsink part. It's a bit of shame how MSI screwed this otherwise great experience with their software, neither their UFEI or Dragon Center is great. Fan control in UEFI is very awkward, and at the moment, I just left everything to default. It takes too much to dig through it, why they couldn't just make a few fan profiles to choose ?!

Also, a lot of &%$& words goes to their Dragon Center developers. It would be an ok software if it worked, had it for a few days and then it crashed, showing "Waitin for SDK initialize.". Reinstalled and tried different versions of it, nothing helped. Went to their forums- appears to be a common issue. The dumbest thing is I can't even change my LED lighting. They have a dedicated Mystic Light 3.0 software which is not supported on X570 yet. It amazes me how they charge a premium for their products without even finishing them. I wonder what would my clients be like if I sent them a half-baked project and told them to wait a couple of months?!

Storage Corsair MP600, it retails for the same price as Samsung 970 Evo Plus, why not getting a faster tech then? In real life, it doesn’t feel any faster though, my older Samsung 950 Pro would’ve been just fine, but its 512GB was annoyingly small and wasn’t enough for system and software.

RAM Got this kit on Amazon sale, £109 for a pair, not bad. Ordered two of them, so it’s 4x8GB now. Lightroom and Photoshop plus some other stuff can quickly eat more than 20GB of RAM, so 16GB wasn’t an option there.

Case Wanted something fresh and cool. All tempered glass panels are a trend now, so I went for it. Considered recently released NZXT H510 Elite too, but it's unknown when it's going to be released, and now when saw HardwareCanucks review of it I'm glad I didn't wait.

As for the Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB, nothing terrible comes into the mind, all cutouts and grommets are where they should've been, except missing cutouts for the front fan wiring, I was aware of that issue (Gamers Nexus channel pointed that out). Included fans are of good quality, could be a little more saturated, but ok, through the tinted glass, they're still kind of dimmed anyways.

Will take more pictures once I sort out RGB lightning, as for now its stuck to blue/green cycle.


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Holy mother of god...

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Damn Drunk!!!!!! Now THAT is the way to pimp out your rig :) I agree with you on the MSI UEFI and the half baked software. I wish MSi would take a page from ASUS on the BIOS and not even bother with the addon apps if your going to do them half -***. But like we talked about it sure is a nice board.... and you clearly went Rockstar... I know this is a judge free zone, but the little naked guy running thru your rig is kinda freakin me out wink

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A naked guy is for all the toy lowers on this site :D Always laughed at those who place toys in the case... so here are 2cents to that lol

As for the MSI- I'm very upset about their software, they've released a Dragon Centre update on 30.08.2019 and solved exactly 0 issues, I'm still having "waiting for SDK to initialise" message://

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Yeah I can do the pretty lights for crystal but I cant imagine me putting a naked doll in my pc. They need to stay in my closet out of site LOL ANYWAY yeah I am right there with you as you know.. I am going to give them 3 stars on Amazon even though the board is a good board.

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you uh... have a troll in your case lol. its ok the same thing but bigger in white house

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Cas 16 ram, 50th anniversary GPU, 1000W platinum PSU, one of the best VRM's on the market, won't even mention the ridiculous SSD's.

This is seriously underrated, you're squeezing the very best out of that CPU & GPU. God forbid AMD release RTX competitors next year and you lob one of those GPU's into this build. Please ******* adopt me.

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Haha, cheers! Yeah, I'm looking towards more power GPU from AMD and hopefully, they gonna release it one day :)