High end gaming PC that tears through frames on Intel's much lauded X299 platform, born of its brother who died during a case swap into the current Meshify C.

Asrock X299 Taichi XE board is nice and robust, the UEFI is simple and straightforward, but does NOT cooperate nicely with dual channel RAM kits on 28+ lane CPU's.

XMP profile for the RAM has it running 3600MHz @ CL15 which is respectable enough for me to leave alone

I cannot speak highly enough of the value you get out of the MAG27CQ monitors, and the price I got them for is the sole reason I paired them - the second one is just a secondary display I use for browsers, chat programs, etc - but I wanted them resolution and size matched and everything else with those specs was right in the same price point. The adaptive sync range is from somewhere around 40Hz up to the full 144Hz ceiling so as long as you have the horsepower to push 60+FPS, you needn't worry about adaptive sync failing you, and the price over a comparable g-sync monitor is a steal.

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