I built this machine with VR, gaming, and music/sound editing in mind. This is my first build ever, so assembly was a bit lengthy as to make sure I didn't damage any parts. I was able to OC the i5 9600K to 4.7 ghz on a stock air cooler and stay around 76c, (which is the stock "boost clock" for this CPU) which these pictures represent said stock cooler. (The Noctua D-15 will be here as of March 22nd 2019, and I'll be shooting for 5.2.) XMP enabled, GPU is OC'd from the factory, I have it bumped running at 2100 mhz (stock PNY boost for this card is 1700) running right around 63c. The only "issues" I ran into was the 21 pin socket on the MOBO seemed like it made the board flex a lot while plugging it in, and after enabling XMP in the BIOS, I kept shutting down due to lack of voltage for the new RAM clock, so I bumped voltage and it's been smooth sailing since. Other than that, I had to update my BIOS and download Dragon Center for fan control, MOBO RGB (very little you can do without proprietary MSI LED strips), and to enable core clock boost on my CPU. The color scheme is a bit weird, with the case being white, stainless, and blue lighting with red and black everything else. But I figured I could make it work. The stock case fan on top with the blue lighting will be replaced with another Corsair L1120, as that fan is bot controllable and it spins miserably slowly.

Inateck Superspeed 7- 3.0 USB expansion card I needed more 3.0 USB ports for Oculus and other peripherals (mobo only has 1 according to manual and case has 2)

Various peripherals I love every piece of this build, save for some fans that will not connect to the systems fan controller. Thats most likely user assembly or setting error than it is actual hardware issues. This wasn't a budget build, but a build to get me into gaming and protect me with some futureproof pieces for my musical career.


I've installed the Noctua NH D15 CPU cooler. Case temps have dropped by about 9 degrees. Although the tempered glass panel on my case gets a bit warm there now lol. Also, I've dialed in a good stable OC for my RTX 2070. Pics included for both updates

Part Reviews


This CPU was the clear cut winner for me. I didn't need a massive i7 for my needs when this runs multithreaded processes better than some previous i7 models. The power consumption was perfect and the unlocked overclocking abilities was the winning hit. I didn't know enough about Ryzen at the time to comfortably go with AMD. My fault, not theirs.

CPU Cooler

Better than stock cooling, but cheaper barely than some comparable AIO coolers. Not a fan of the brown and creme color setup, but RIT dye and paint is a thing.


This mobo just had everything I needed for a decent price for the chipset. OC ability, USB 3.0, M.2 readability, ECT. I did over look the small detail of it not having a built in wireless card.


Tried and true, available and renown for reliability, speed, and dependability. Simple and straight forward choice.


I needed a boot drive that was reliable and quick, and a good amount of space that was also reliable and backed by warranties. Only drives I even considered for this build, minus the 860 EVO.

Video Card

To get right down to it, I can get 1080 TI performance from this card for literally half the cost, as well as hit the lower specs for an FE 2080. I feel like this card is the sweet spot card at the moment, although these new Turing cards are VERY HEAVILY limited by their considerably low power limits. Even after the 1660 and 1660 TI being released. Plus, Ray tracing, DLSS, and future possibility for those features, even though AMD just recently was shown able to do ray tracing as well. Time will tell


Case is simple, sleek, and stylish. Cable management is kinda crap though. The bottom clam trap with the led that shines "Raidmax" on the desk is a cool non-function feature. Just a simple, cool looking case that was at an okay price.

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  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Did you have any problems with the graphics card compatability with the free sync monitor?

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

None whatsoever. Only issue I've had is a faulty Windows 10 update, and a faulty RTX 2070 card, but both problems have been fixed

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey, i have the same MoBo and the 9600k and was wondering if you used any guides on the overclocking? If so which?

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

I just used a Linus Tech Tips video for basic overclocking advice.