Originally started researching building computers back in mid to late 2012, just finished this one in April. The price went well above what I expected but for me it was well worth it. This computer will run anything I throw at it without a stutter. Only things I can say I would've done differently was change the power supply (actually a G700 not G750M, so its not even semi-modular), it has slight coil whine that's barely noticeable and I'd feel more comfortable with a lower wattage, higher reliability power supply and get a better monitor, its not bad as such, its just not adjustable and maybe a little dull.

Everything runs just about flawlessly a few of the case fans might be a little louder than I had hoped but I'm not fussy, I use earphones mostly anyway.

(And PLEASE ignore my awful cable management, they aren't the best on the market)

Ended up totaling about $1899.05 including shipping and all of that.

Part Reviews


This could process the existence of god, on a serious note though, its never let me down, great for gaming or heavy application use.

CPU Cooler

Exceeded expectations, an absolute wonder!


Best of its kind, payed a bit more for it though.


Cheap, good size and speed, looks cool, low profile. Reliable brand


Could've done with the next size up, but for a boot SSD, cannot fault it.


Great storage size, great price works just as I would've expected.


Very sturdy, looks cooler than I though, roomy, easy to manage cables, very nice to take out extra HDD bays, cool LEDs and came with a couple of quiet fans. Good airflow

Optical Drive

Pretty noisy, but was under $20 and only use it rarely, a good choice for the occasional disc use.

Operating System

Best OS there is.

Wireless Network Adapter

Very nice range, fast speeds, prone to bending (jk I'm just an idiot)

Case Fan

Did well for a time, however around a year after purchase one is making a very noticeable rattle/clicking noise. So bad I had to remove it entirely. The other is working well, and they both were good fans otherwise.


Best mouse hands down, easy software, great feel, cool LEDs, good macros


left ear broke after a year but they're earphones, what do you expect. Great sound

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  • 55 months ago
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Great build! Here's the link to your GPU on this site:

  • 55 months ago
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Thank you! fixed it now :)

  • 54 months ago
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how's the audio on this motherboard

  • 53 months ago
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Motherboard is quite high end, I don't really have the correct quality of speakers to really experience its potential but from what I can gather, it is of dectent quality

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