Built mainly for games, but will be used for programming, game development, 3D modelling, streaming, and every other use under the sun.

Currently running at stock clocks on CPU and GPU, I'm planning to aim for some very mild OC.

Apologies for the crap pictures. Most parts were bought from Amazon, and the ML120s were bought from The RAM came from, and the i7 was a monoprice deal late last year.

Part Reviews


Attractive and nicely laid out board.

The main downsides are:
- non-standard width, which means for my case at least, the right-most standoff didn't have anything to screw into. - USB won't work until you've installed drivers, which meant I couldn't load Windows off of a USB stick. - It doesn't support output from the integrated graphics at the same time as a discrete card is installed. This isn't a big issue, but I have an old VGA monitor that I wanted to hook up as a second monitor, and I didn't want to buy a displayport-VGA adapter.

None of these really matter for me, but it's hard to find this sort of information anywhere so I wanted to mention it.


I was planning to get a basic P400, but when the tempered glass versions came out I couldn't resist. I decided on the P400S mainly because I wanted the top vent covers, but the sound proofing is welcome too- the fan controller is useless to me, but maybe I'll make a little electronics project out of trying to rig the switch up to an arduino or something .

The case itself is beautiful, and it feels incredibly well made. The entire build uses one extra cable tie, which is to take up some slack from the LED strip cable- everything else just uses the included loops on the backside of the case.

The only criticism I can really give is that the little rubber rings around the screwholes for the tempered glass panel are prone to coming off with the screws. This obviously doesn't have any consequences other than having to pull them off the screw and then replace them on the case.

I can't comment on the included fans, as I swapped both out for my ML120s.


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Nice build!! The Fury X looks good amongst those parts! Have my +1!