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Orange Portal

by Angry_Orange



Date Published

Dec. 27, 2018

Date Built

Dec. 5, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.6 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

36.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

63.0° C


I must say, after all that I have been through in the tech world, PCs can be really overwhelming to the first time builder. (I can say from experience.) Over time this build went through many changes and definitely wasn't what I initially though it would be like, but now that it is all said and done. I can say that it I was definitely worth it. There is no GPU since I plan on getting an RX 3080 from AMD when it releases sometime in 2019. Sorry for the low res pictures I don't have a very good camera atm.

Part Reviews


Outstanding CPU for gaming, overclocks like a champ on my MSI gaming M5 and runs relatively cool under load in my Silent Base 801. Definitely recommended for someone who isn't willing to shell out $350 - $500 on an i7 or 9900k. If you are planning on a gaming-only rig and want to go the z370/90 route

CPU Cooler

Decent cooler overall, definitely not the quietest thing in the world and I definitely feel some buyer's remorse after purchasing this. But besides that, it is a solid cpu cooler, the rgb is OK at best since it has no rainbow wave effect. (but it doesn't bother me since it is set to orange) Cable management can be a bit of a pain if you're not good at it, but overall a great cooler. And one last note is that the stock fans are LOUD so if you want this aio for silence then get different fans.

Thermal Compound

It does what's it's meant to. 5/5 would use again.


Haven't been able to test all the features of this motherboard just yet, but definitely a solid choice from MSI, Perfect if you don't want to spend $200+ on the Gaming pro Carbon and is still definitely a good motherboard to boot. The rgb is pretty but not all up in your face like other motherboards in the Z370/90 line up. Plenty of fan headers and a feature rich bios. Overall pretty good choice, just that you need to make sure drivers are up to date. 4.5/5


I always new that in the RAM department G.SKILL = good. And this kit is no exception, it had no issues out of the box and all I needed to do was enable XMP on my motherboard. And not half bad looking either. Definitely a ram kit I'd recommend. I unfortunately purchased this kit at the height of the ram price-fixing fiasco and got it on sale for an "affordable" $150 usd. Doesn't take down a star, but definitely doesn't make me happy now that this kit goes for $110 - $115.


Definitely a good ssd, got it on sale for $88 when 500gb ssds were going for $100 - $110 on average. Performs well and is definitely some good competition to that of the 860 evo.


Decent hdd I purchased this when I didn't know that 5400rpm was slower than 7200rpm, may replace with an ssd soon but for now loading times are fine, and definitely are bearable. Would recommend for someone who wants lots of storage and don't care about speed.


I LOVE this case, the aesthetics are great, the built in fan hub is easy to use, the cable management is good, and the tempered glass is sexy af. The case was very easy to build in (a ton easier than my corsair 270r). The case is very quiet with the silent wings 3 fans inside. So that's nice. Only con I have is the hit on airflow this case has, I definitely noticed an increase in temps (roughly 3 - 4 degrees warmer) but that is what happens when you have a silence focused case. But besides that it's a nice case. It has plenty of stock case fans (they're the be quiet! purewings 2 140mm fans. And they have 3 included.) Moved them to the front and put in the silentwings 3 fans I had. The case is definitely well engineered. the side panels are locked in by a button, similar to that on the NZXT h700i but, I believe be quiet did it better since it doesn't just fall out. There is also a removable bracket up to for fans and radiators which is a nice touch. Overall, I case that I really like, and would reccomened for people who want the silence route in a system.

Power Supply

Got this thing with a best buy gift card and I am very pleased with it. A great power supply for anyone building a high end system, the fan is whisper quiet, the cables are sleeved and black, and the efficiency is close to that of an 80+ platinum unit. Would recommend for anyone who wants their system to be powered by a reliable unit.

Wireless Network Adapter

Very nice wifi card, only drawback is I ha some initial issues with installing drivers and the thing not being detected, but overall a good wifi card since I didn't wanna snake a huge wire through my house.

Case Fan

This fan is positioned as exhaust in my system and is definitely a nice looking fan, and a good performing fan, I recommend.

Case Fan

These fans are heavy duty, they really well designed and havee tons of features such as noise dampening corners, built in washer, and push pins so you don't need a screw driver to install them, definitely really great fans and perform exepctionally well on my h100i v2.


Really nice keyboard overall, the rgb is probably the best I have ever seen in a keyboard with a white PCB cover allowing the light to diffuse into a nice under glow effect. It definitely looks nice and the keyswitches kinda quiet. (mostly my fault cuz of the desk but eh.) They are similar to cherry mx reds but have sound dampeners built into the switch itself. The only complaint is that the spacebar is kinda clicky if you hit it with some force but overall a great option for people who have $100 - $200 on a keyboard. Just keep in mind that this keyboard takes up 2 of your usb 2.0 ports but also has usb passthrough which is nice.


Excellent mouse for gaming, definitely would recommend for people who like to game but don't want a quadrillion buttons on the mouse. Overall very nice and the rgb software is ok.


Very nice rgb lighting system ordered off of amazon for $85 and definitely wort it, I'd recommend. Just make sure the connector is flipped on the right side, will save you hours of stress and a possible RMA.

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blucarelli 1 Build 1 point 2 months ago

Looks good, why no discreet GPU?

NVM, read the rest of your description.

Superman4life 1 point 23 days ago

still looks nice

but i would get a temporary gpu or something

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