Budget gaming system for content creation and live streaming with decent upgrade options

Case had only front 120mm fan installed. Rear exhaust(120mm) wasn't provided.

Tip: Back plate on MB holding CPU cooler screws is not glued, so install MB on case first and then install CPU cooler. Keep that plate elevated to avoid hassle, but don't put too much force into the fan/processor.


Part Reviews


It is impossible to find another processor which can beat this one in price to performance ratio. Period. Streaming using OBS Studio(1080p 60 Hz), @1080p res 144 refresh rate and FPS still well over 140. All butter smooth, Need I say more?!!?


Support for CPU/ GPU/ RAM overclocking and still runs stable, cool due to decent cooling features Good upgrade options 6 fan headers with all supporting PWM. Supports liquid cooling. RGB header available for RGB splitter cable. BIOS update, A-XMP profile change to 3200Mz in a jiffy. BIOS UI is easy to navigate. Manual provided is very easy to understand installation.


Read MB manual before installation of the sticks. A-XMP profile change to 3200Mz in a jiffy. Black suits my build perfectly! Perfect fit for my CPU as well!

Video Card

Budget gaming card from 10 series to use the Pascal architecture No VR option. Good enough for most titles on 1080p @60 Hz in medium-high settings. Will be upgrading to a RTX super card soon.


Exhaust 120mm fan was not provided. That was a disappointment. Budget mid tower case. Decent quality screws and zipties with sufficient space for cable management. Stock front fan is 120mm(Red LED). You can install 2x120mm or 2x140mm fans on front, but for lower front fan, you need to get rid of the storage bays. Will be installing 4x120mm fans. Front intake(1), rear(1) and top(2) exhausts. Base has no rubber, so make sure case does not slip.


Color pixel quality is that of typical TN panel. Dont expect IPC panel picture quality. But....... This is a 144 Hz, 1ms, 1080p gaming monitor! so for my personal taste, that beats color quality everyday since this is a gaming system primarily.

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