I am a new miner and a light gamer. This is my first pc build so please don't hate. I built this PC on February 24 so the prices are a little bit different.

Motherboard I was looking for the cheapest z370 mobo that supported SLI. No Wifi or Bluetooth but will last me for years to come. As this is a build for best value per dollar, I can upgrade my components in the future as they will drop in price. i3 -> i7 16gb 2400 mhz -> 64gb 2666mhz ram 1060 -> 1080ti SLI

Ram I was able to steal this memory for $160. This is an incredible deal for today's standards but sadly way overpriced compared to a few years ago. Lowest 16gb ddr4 I could find was $200 at the time.

Storage I got the Samsung Evo for free from my dad. It was sitting in our cupboards unused for some years. I also stole the 5000 rpm hdd from an old laptop. Both are 2.5 inches so I had to get a bracket for $5. They also use less power than a traditional 3.5 inch, a bonus since I have to pay for the electricity my computer burns. 5000 rpm uses less power than a 7000 too :D

Video Card The GTX 1060 is one of the best cards you can get in terms of value and I got 2 of them for $820 at the time. I know they don't run SLI but perfect for 1080p 60hz monitors. Both are Hynix memory and I'm getting around 39 MH/s.

Power Supply 600W 80+ bronze is perfect for my current setup. Maybe I shoulve gotten a gold rated supply but they were all overpriced at the time. Should last me for years until I get a new power hungry GPU. i3 -8350k OC= 95W GTX 1060 OC =165W GTX 1060 OC = 165W SSD + HDD = 8W? Case + Fans = ???? <600W

Case I first started using my Grandparents' old PC case but it looked like something I got from the dumpster. Then a month later, my uncle's old unused pc showed up and I transplanted my PC into his case. The case I'm using now.

CPU Cooler I got this from another uncle's PC and my cousin had some extra thermal paste.

Processor This was my biggest mistake. I frequently use and the i3- 8350k looked very appealing compared to other CPUs. I know that the i5- 8400 and the Ryzen 5 1600 are much better choices but, I wanted the highest fps in games and I thought that a quad-core CPU would work best. I was able to price match it down to $210 with Memory Express. I'll upgrade to an 8700k one day.

Other I was able to get Windows 10 Education for free because my cousin's University gave it to him.

Please do not hate on me for being a miner. I built this PC only because I was looking for a gaming PC and when mining got popular, I was encouraged even more to build this. In total, this PC costed me $1500 to build, only because I was able to get so many free things from my family. All prices in Canadian btw.

Part Reviews


This is a great processor but there are others that are much better like the i5 8400 or the Ryzen 5 1600. It only has 4 cores and threads compared to the i5 8400 with 6 cores and 6 threads. It does not include a cooler or thermal paste so the i5 8400 is a much better buy.


Very good motherboard for it's price. It has all the features I need and good for future proof. Zero issues so far and would definitely recommend.


Very fast and reliable. Has not failed on me yet and is very cheap.


Much faster than other hard drives.

Video Card

Single fan is slightly disappointing. Fan broke down on me and had to get a replacement. Gets very hot and fan is very loud. I don't know if that should be expected for a single fan card though...

Power Supply

This power supply is all you ever really need. It has enough watts to power any normal consumer card. Quiet, good price and lasts forever.

Wireless Network Adapter

Doesn't include ac wifi which I strongly think is a necessity for gaming or 4k video watching.


Stand is extremely ugly, the ugliest I've ever seen, although I guess it gets the job done. Bezels are very thick and the screen is not "flat" with the bezels. The screen is about 1 cm away from the surface of the bezels so I have a tough time trying to use touch input on the corner and edges. The touchscreen feature is a nice touch and is very accurate.


It's very light, comfortable, and good looking. It's wire is very smooth and doesn't rub against my mousepad or desk. My only problem with it is that after one year, the rubber edges on the side have started to peel off, other than that, I have no problems with it.


This headset has great sound quality, is very comfy, looks great and it's mic is not half bad. My only problem with it is that I wish the cord was longer and the mic could project my voice louder. It feels very sturdy and the fabrics got a very soft feeling. though it was the rgb that attracted me.

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