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My New Year Eve Build 2015

by GhostInShell


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Date Published

July 19, 2016

Date Built

Dec. 31, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

2.7 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

822 MHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

4 GHz


Hello, i am new to building a PC, this is my first.Some people get ready for New Year and others build PCs, life is weird sometimes, lol.

Coming from an AMD A6-5200 laptop this is a huge upgrade. I bought the parts starting from Black Friday ending around Christmas time, all of them from Amazon UK.I was deciding between a FX 8320/Fx 6300 and I5 4460 when i saw this one on a deal and jumped on it,thinking i should go last gen if i am building something, right ?same reason i went with ddr4 and modular psu too.Wanted a budget built even this kinda jumped over that but 100 pounds more is not such a big deal but tried to keep spending under control.

Because of my mistake of sending probably a good PSU back and waiting for a replacement,same model, i had to build this on 31st Dec,morning after a night work and looking in shops a good PSU got a Corsair CX 430 which i used for a week or so,which worked fine, then return it when i got back my replacement.

All the prices are exactly what i paid for them at the time,curiously most of them are good even now.I spent a few hours building it,using a knife as screwdriver since i kinda forgot that i need one,lol. Also had to buy another case since my first one got misplaced when i moved on 24th Dec and could not find it anywhere,might got stolen lol,anyway it was a bumpy ride.

Got the 560ti from a friend for free and waiting on a Sapphire Rx 480 4GB nitro to replace it with,might get a 8gb version but waiting for them to show up on amazon,since i like their service and can have a 10% discount for working there.Thinking to get a 980ti if can get one under 300 pounds but still not sure on that.

Had win 8 at first,was ok but went now on Win 10 x64, had some crashes on it not sure if its because of drivers or hardware issues,think they started happen when i got my 560ti,was running on integrated before that.Could play some games in decent settings,meaning medium/high.

Wanted for some time to share this build since i watched many here before i made mine for info purposes. Curious on what others think of it too, might get some tips to improve it.

PS: Added some pictures now and i worked on cable management a little and i think it looks better now.Thanks for reading the essay xD

Part Reviews


Happy with it, on Cpu Z it shows 3.300 MHz on it so i guess it works good.Got nothing to compare it with but its usually under 50% and everything is pretty fast.


It's a mobo, it works good no problem so far,was a bit tricky to install but probably because it was my first time.


I think this was the worst deal i got from all the parts i bought, since they were pretty expensive.For some reason the xmp profile is locked in bios, so not sure is working or not.


Got a good deal on this and works good, PC starts fast in under 10 sec, it takes longer only because i have to put my password all the time when it starts .

Video Card

Pretty decent for some years old gpu, but noisy when under load in pretty much all games.


Got it with window and it is plastic,since i moved a lot lately, it got scratched somehow.Otherwise pretty good and nice looking, might try to put some more coolers in,only have 1 now on the back for air out. PS: after i tried to move my hdd and ssd it seems it wasn't made so you can mount them both on the back wall,even tho there are holes for them, 2 for ssd and 1 for hdd you can only put 1 of the 2 but even then it will be hard to connect the sata cables because both are too close to the back wall.I was disappointed, because i really wanted to get rid of the box,it takes so much space,anyway.So i ended up putting them back in the box just with the sockets to the back so no more cables in front.

Power Supply

All good, full modular is nice,cables a little stiff when u have to bend them but it works good and silent too

Wireless Network Adapter

Not too happy with it, i get dc pretty often losing the ip and have to use win troubleshoot to get it back, or disable/enable. Wanted to punch it a few times and buy another one, still thinking about it lol.


Pretty good ,nice colors, decent for gaming, speakers are pretty loud on mids and highs, no bass but to be expected.Has some bleeding but almost unnoticeable in most cases.Has 2 hdmi inputs and a D-sub.Only using the hdmi,its enough for me,much bigger than the laptop i previously used. Got looks much better than on a laptop screen


I have the bluetooth version, they sound nice, might sound nicer with proper audio decoding and no the integrated sound card but i might work on that later on.Kinda expensive tho.

External Storage

Works good so far,using it as a internal hdd, i removed the cover and installed it inside the case, probably lost the warranty but whatever.Wanted something big for all the crap i download.

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manvirrattan 1 point 32 months ago

First comment *** yea

GhostInShell submitter 1 Build 1 point 27 months ago

thanks :)

manvirrattan 1 point 32 months ago

Hows the Case?

GhostInShell submitter 1 Build 1 point 27 months ago

case is alright a bit tight to work with and the plastic window is easily scratchable.Too bad i couldn't install the hdd and ssd both on the wall would saved some space

nerd73 1 point 20 months ago

What GPU did you end up getting?