I have built a lot of PCs over the past 20 years and this is my first AMD build.

This build is very quiet.

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  • 5 months ago
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Wau I really like this build. No RGB nonsense everybody is soo obsessed about nowdays. Just few questions. Is cooling sufficient? Did you have to update the mobo bios? Is the pc just for gaming or other purpose? (asking because of the 32 gig memory).

  • 5 months ago
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32GB is for virtual machines and for flight sims. I did have to update the bios for it to work with the new generation Ryzen but with MSI BIOS Flashback it was super easy. Newer shipments probably have the newer BIOS.

This case is one of the best performing air cooling case on the market. And the Noctua fan is no slouch too. At idle, with all the case fans (2 intake) off, PSU fan off, CPU fan at an inaudible 300-500 RPMs the CPU is at 30 or so degrees. To test it at load I ran MSI Kombustor CPU burn-in and GPU burn-in at the same time. Case fans @ 75% CPU fan @ 75% GPU fan @ 75% PSU fan didn't turn on (Seasonic makes a great PSU) CPU temp was 65 System temp was 45

I might have been able to drop the fan speeds but even at these speeds it is pretty quiet and with ambient noise in the room you barely hear it. Might not hear it at all during gaming.

To get good performance with this case it is important to use a GPU with a blower fan and build it neatly so there isn't any cables in the path of the case fans airflow.