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Meatheads gaming machine

by MeatHead_Jonah


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Date Published

Feb. 7, 2016

Date Built

Feb. 7, 2016

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This is my first build. Aperntly, I really like building computers. Everything worked on the first boot up, so I was super happy about that. I do have a bit of regret for the case I bought, only 1x 2.5 drive cage. So when I get another ssd I'm gonna have to stuff that somewhere (I'm running out of space fast, I only have 250gb ssd). The air flow on the front fan is also pretty crappy, being blocked by a bunch of stuff. It looks great though. As you have probably noticed, I suck at cabel management, so I gotta work on that. I also plan on adding in another 8gb ram later. I have not tested it that much yet, but I got 130 FPS max on Heaven 4.0 high 2x anti aliasing. Also get 50+ fps on starwars battlefrount medium. The Asus strix looks amazing. It also veary quiet. I will post more pics later of all the fans lit up at night. For now, that's all I have to say.

Part Reviews


Not much to say other then I wish it had more then 1 fan header. I had to buy a splitter. Looks nice no problems.


Super speedy fast, my boot time is only a few seconds.

Video Card

Super quiet, looks amazing.


Looks awesome. I wish it had another 2.5 hard drive cage, the front fan isn't veary effective either.

Power Supply

Looks nice, does a good job.

Case Fan

Pretty quiet. Wish the LED was a bit brighter.

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Jackson_Tyler96 3 Builds 2 points 27 months ago

The cable management is making me cringe :(

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 2 points 27 months ago

This case kind of sucks for cabel management. Plus this is my first computer. I agree though its more like cabel mismanagement. Hopefully next time I build a computer I do better (it takes awhile to save up for a computer when you aren't old enough to get a job and you only get allowance and the occasional 30 bucks from grandparents)

Jackson_Tyler96 3 Builds 2 points 27 months ago

Don't worry, man, I understand. Cable management comes with experience and you'll eventually have an eye for where each cable should go with each case you work with. Congrats on building and remember, odd jobs that pay have no age limit! I remember pulling weeds for money several years back before I moved away from home.

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

I need to find me one of those odd jobs....

[comment deleted]
MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

Yeah no side pannel to hide the cables behind

[comment deleted]
TewGudAlex 1 point 27 months ago

Personally i would have went with a 6500

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

I would have too but I ordered my motherboard about 2 months before I even knew what I was doing so I got stuck with the 1150 socket

TewGudAlex 1 point 27 months ago

i would have sold the mobo XD

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

Good point

TewGudAlex 1 point 27 months ago

whatever cant go back now lol

Pooters 1 Build 1 point 27 months ago

Nice job on the build. As said by others, cable management could be cleaned up, and other stuff could be improved, but overall great build.

Remember--Practice makes perfect! Keep building/rebuilding PCs to practice some cable management. I actually took apart my PC and completely redid the cable management. Not trying to brag, but after I did that I got multiple compliments on how well I did it, even though I didn't think it was that great (mind you I was using a non-modular psu).

Once again great build!

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

Thank you! I might try that, I'm gonna add some upgrades in anyways sometime.

ABorderlineBuff 1 point 27 months ago

Your best friend will be zip ties and/or twisty ties. That will def help out with cable management.

Cable management is not only important aesthetically, but also performance wise. Don't want those loose little guys interrupting air flow.

Best of luck! I like build, and I can't wait to see it once you've worked on the management even more. I know that case is hard to manage in, and, just in general, skills of management come over time. Good job though, and keep on working. :) +1

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 2 points 27 months ago

Thanks so much for the feedback! My case came with no zip ties and my MOBO only came with 2, so i guess i gotta order some. Plus I do need to work in my skills, i think i might take this computer apart and put it back together sometime.

ABorderlineBuff 1 point 27 months ago

Awesome. :) Always order more than you think ya need cause you can never had enough. xD Can't wait to see the update. :3

TewGudAlex 1 point 27 months ago

no hdd? then again i never use more then 150gb's of downloads a year so nvm

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

ssd's all the way man

Lithium03 1 point 26 months ago

I see you want more drive space and also don't have an optical drive, you could get an IcyDock and put it in the 5.25" bay allowing you to fit 4 7mm-12.5mm, 6 7mm-9.5mm, or 8 7mm high 2.5" drives in it.

I don't recall seeing any SSDs that weren't 7mm high so those should always fit, 7mm HDDs are harder to come by but this 1TB WD Blue is 7mm if you wanted to use the 8 bay version. Though grabbing the 6 bay version and filling it with more common 9.5mm drives would get you more capacity using 2TB drives and wouldn't leave you with empty bays you couldn't connect at the moment.

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 1 point 26 months ago

Thanks for telling me! I dont think im gonna need 2tb of storage, but that is a good idea. Well, I'm thinking of getting a new case anyways becuase there is no 120mm radiator on this case and I wanted to upgrade to a corsair h100i CPU cooler.

TMcKenzieP 1 point 26 months ago

Solid Build, +1 The cable management is indeed pretty garish looks at own build but i cant get on you about it. How do you like the 4gb version of the 960? Do you feel like it is worth it? Ive heard most people say its not but im considering it for a build for my brother and would love your input!

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 1 point 26 months ago

Im not sure if the extra 2gb was worth the $30 more dollars, but i have not really looked at my Vram usage, ill check that out. It even runs star wars battlefront at 60+ FPS. Im really happy with it. Get the 2 or 4 gb model based off what you play, i bought it because i play ark survival evolved witch is a bear of a game to run (only get about 30fps on med-high settings). What games do you/your bro planning on playing?

TMcKenzieP 1 point 26 months ago

Thanks for the reply! Aye, good advice ty. My build list has since changed -i'm on a super tight budget so i'm getting him a pentium g4400 and a gtx 750 ti. Maybe he'll upgrade in the future to something stronger but as it stands right now he has a toshiba laptop from 2009 or 2010 so any processor and especially the gpu would be a massive improvement. His bread and butter game is league of legends. Im gonna see if my dad will split the cost with me and call it an early birthday present for him :D! Here's the list I have in mind: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/TMcKenzieP/saved/#view=ZkHdnQ Cheers!

MeatHead_Jonah submitter 2 Builds 2 points 26 months ago

A 750ti is plenty good for league of legends. I know exactly how he feels, before my build I was useing a laptop for 2007 it was a nightmare.