Almost 2 years ago I built my first computer it originally was just meant to be a learning experience that ended up turning into a passion since that day I have gone through a dead cpu and power supply and made a couple big upgrades if you want to see the full story go look at my original build

I’m only 14 and put a lot of my money into this and I sometimes cut corners on performance to make certain things look pretty sometime next year I plan on getting a gtx 1070 ti or a 1080 But for now the 960 is good for medium settings in most games with some things on high I’m also planning on switching to the Corsair crystal 570x sometime next year aswell

Ps any cable management tips are greatly appreciated Pps if you want a pic of something I’ll post it

Part Reviews


8 core 16 thread does everything I need Stream, Game, Edit You name it, it does it

CPU Cooler

Keeps My 1700x nice and chilly


Looks alright personally think the led's should all have diffusion plastic other wise functions flawlessly and looks pretty good


High Speed Super high price mucho RGB


Fast perfect for the OS and for the main games I play

Video Card

Holding up alright these days for 1080p gaming at medium setting with a few things up to high but will definitely be upgrading this soon


Good looking case very roomy and modular wish the side panel wasn't so cheap and didn't scratch super easy also wish there was a bit more room up top for my rad as its poking the metal mesh out a bit and the top doesn't close all of the way

Power Supply

Way more power than I will ever need

Case Fan

Decent color good airflow and quiet

Case Fan

Decent color good airflow and quiet

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  • 26 months ago
  • 1 point

Also if anyone have monitor selections I’m looking for two new 1080 p monitors with relatively thin bezels for under 350 a piece

  • 26 months ago
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I bought 2 Asus VG248 24" monitors a few months back for about 210 a piece. Wanted the 144hz from them. Dont know what theyre going for now, but love those monitors.

  • 26 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for the recomendation I will look into these