I’ve wanted to build a gaming PC for a while and thought I would challenge myself with a mini-ITX build. This thing has taken everything I’ve thrown at it without a misstep, the RTX 2070 is a workhorse and stays nice and cool. Overall the experience working in such a small space (especially as a person with large hands) was frustrating at times but felt extremely gratifying when I finally got something to fit in perfectly; the GPU is pretty much the biggest one I think you can fit in here. I will likely be transferring the components to a new case eventually because I’m honestly pretty disappointed in the build quality and design oversights of the RVZ03 case. I will go into detail in the review of the case specifically.

Part Reviews


It’s super fast, and the fan it came with keeps it nice and cool. Great for gaming as well as things like 3D modeling, editing/producing high quality audio files in DAWs, and Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.


The built-in bluetooth didn’t function properly with game controllers at first, but after a quick driver update everything functions as it should. I love the colored RGBs on the aux and mic inputs/outputs.


It’s functional RAM, it’s fast


Great SSD with memory cache at a much cheaper price than the comparable Samsungs. Extremely fast loading times on all my games.

Video Card

This GPU has taken everything I've thrown at it, some newer titles include GTA 5, Watchdogs 2, Fallout 4, Black Ops 3 & 4, all at max settings, 60fps because I don’t even have a monitor higher than 60hz. I also haven’t even messed around with overclocking it yet, so there’s likely even more potential there. For $700-800 less than a 2080TI you can’t go wrong. But BEWARE, I would highly not recommend pairing this GPU with the case listed in this build, as it was incredibly difficult to fit it in and required filing away part of the PC case’s GPU support bracket as well as using zipties to secure it in place. Not a fun time, but worth it in the end.


I’m extremely torn on this case. I want to love it, but it’s hard. The design of the case allows it to stay very cool when compared to comparable mini ITX cases, which I love, especially since I game for rather long sessions and I didn’t want something that would heat up my entire desk area. The entire setup also stays extremely quiet, which is surprising given how cool everything stays. The form factor is also a major plus, as it takes up about as much space as an OG Xbox, making it not seem out of place in a living room setup. However, the case is riddled with design oversights, such as not including a separate PSU bracket for SFF power supplies. There’s a lot of space that can be saved there but the bracket only allows for a full size ATX PSU to sit flush, so I gained no space by purchasing a SFF unit as I had to mount it to the ATX bracket. Beyond that, once I got the PSU installed, it became clear that there was not enough clearance between the bracket and the edge of the case to actually reach the PSU on/off switch, so I have to use a tool to reach around and hit it which I think is rather ridiculous. The GPU support bracket was not designed to hold three-fan GPUs, which mine is, so I had to file away part of the support bracket so it would not be in the path of the fan, and then I had to use zipties to jury rig the whole mechanism so that it would actually support my GPU if I decided to use the computer sitting horizontally. The build quality is also questionable; the metal sides feel nice but the plastic midsection of the case feels pretty cheap and the power button is incredibly mushy and will literally get stuck in the down position if you’re not careful when turning it on, performing a hard restart. This happened to me only the second time I went to turn the PC on and I have to slide my finger across the button when I turn it on to make sure the button pops back into place. Beyond that, the RGB strip that lights the front of the case is offset within the enclosure and it is extremely easy to see the areas where the LED strip is correctly laid and where it starts to get off track (picture in main build page). This honestly makes the whole thing look pretty cheap and for case that was $130 I was expecting a lot more. There are definitely better looking and likely higher build quality mini ITX cases out there that can be found around that price or even cheaper, so this case will likely be the first thing I ever upgrade on my PC. If it were $40 cheaper, it would get 3 stars.

Power Supply

This power supply is surprisingly quiet and does a good job of exhausting heat from the case.


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This build is pretty damn impressive when I saw the case and the three fan gpu which is rather beefy I was perplexed as to how the hell you could fit the gpu in that case but you managed. I would love some pictures of the inside. Overall amazing build

  • 6 months ago
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Thanks I appreciate it, I’ll definitely get it open and get some pics of the inside soon. It was a challenge and I more than voided my warranty on the case with some filing work but it was definitely worth it in the end.

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Just posted pics of the inside, the piece I mentioned filing down I actually just swapped out for a ziptie (shown in one of the pics) because it looks a lot cleaner and provides a stronger hold while still staying clear of the fan.

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ziptie > original mounting hardware

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Kudos to you for sticking with the build to the end. Sliger will release a console style case called the Conswole which is set to release in December. Have a look at it here: (second from the right). The thread for it is here: Hope to see you around the forums regardless.