Started with an HPZ230 tower workstation and kept adding on from there. All in all it ended up costing a bit under $2000. Edit: tried to the best of my abilities to add all the HP proprietary parts in. Also have a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface that doesn't show up on this website. This PC was pretty inefficient money-wise, and although it works fine, moving forward I don't think I'll ever buy another OEM machine.

Going to be getting a new PC soon, once all the parts come in, but this has been a really good PC and I've had some good times with it. Definitely starting to show its age, but it's a pretty solid build.

Part Reviews

Video Card

Great card, absolutely love it. Still kicking after several years. Probably gonna finally let it go when the next generation comes out but this is a solid card that's done everything I asked of it.


I absolutely love this monitor. For the price it's an unbelievably good deal. I do a lot of image editing stuff and the colors are really good. Having big monitors is something I've gotten addicted to and this one gives me that without hurting my eyes or murdering my wallet. Sure there's monitors with faster refresh rates, more pixels, and more fancy bells and whistles, but this one looks really classy (huge fan of that stand on the bottom) and does the job. The USB hub is also pretty cool.


Dang this is a great keyboard. Maximum PC gave it a great review and I decided to trust them and I'm glad I did. Absolutely awesome - feels great, not too loud, looks spectacular. Just an all round solid piece of machinery that seems really sturdy and doesn't look ridiculous, two things nobody ever thought they'd say about Roccat. Worth every cent.


I freaking love these mice. They're so simple but they work perfectly. I really don't understand why so many people say they need more out of a mouse. Sure I guess there's supposedly a noticeable effect of all those little numbers about mice on your games or whatever... I'm not going to pretend to be good enough at any games for that to matter. What matters more is that it works reliably, looks good, and feels good in my hand. I have pretty large hands so this mouse is a more comfortable size for me than most of those tiny little bluetooth thingies. Honestly though my favorite part is the awesome scrollwheel that has the little button to remove all resistance and just let it spin forever. Seriously why would anyone buy a fidget spinner when they can get one of these. 10/10 would annoy my friends by incessantly spinning again.


Great speakers. Music producers have said that these would make decent studio monitors, but they're the price of normal computer speakers. An awesome deal for people like me, musicians or audiophiles who don't have a bazillion dollars to spend on studio gear.


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