This is my first Gaming PC build. Pretty much got the recommendations from Youtubers like Bitwit, Joey Delgado, and Paul's Hardware. This build gets above 60 FPS especially with DOOM on Vulkan high graphics, also steady 240 FPS in CSGO. Well CSGO doesn't need that much but still good for steady play with no lag or lag spikes. Got 150 FPS with Overwatch on very high settings and also to add all the games are played on 1080p resolution. Please leave some advise or comments on whether for me to improve or what I should've gotten instead. Last note I had a budget of $1000 on this build.

Part Reviews


Pretty good CPU big improvement from my laptop which had i7-6900.

CPU Cooler

I don't know much about this CPU cooler but this is my first time using the cooler from using the cooler that came with the CPU.


So far so good. Has decent amount of SATA ports and also a lot of RGB header, Fan inputs. I would use this motherboard for a budget but will eventually upgrade to better motherboard later.


Really good RAM perfect for a good build. Reliable brand the only downside is pricing.


The perfect NVMe I have used so far. I did tried to go between Samsung and WD, but to me the reliability to price ratio I think WD especially the Black series is the best. I use the NVMe for startup and my PC starts up instantly.


Stable HDD so far. Heard forums about Seagate failing and be corrupted but this HDD is pretty good so far. Bought a WD Blue for more storage and in case this HDD fails.


Good HDD used it for game storage.

Video Card

Really good GPU. The temperature has not gone above 50°C and it allowed me to play DOOM at 60FPS on Ultra Vulkan custom settings at 1080p. MSI has great drivers to support GPU.


I love this case has great Tempered Glass on the side with really good cable management on the right side panel. There is a shroud on the bottom part of the case so that it hides the PSU and cables that are hanging out. I would recommend this case to everyone with a starter build.

Power Supply

I love this PSU. It provides enough power to my tower and it is 80+ certified. Luckily I got it for a cheaper price during Midweek Madness so instead of 80-90 dollars, I got it for $50. Only downside it is not modular so that cables are stuffed under the shroud. But if you don't care if its modular or not then it is still a great PSU.

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  • 2 months ago
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Vulkan is for AMD GPU's so you will want to turn that off for DOOM. Nice build though.

  • 2 months ago
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Thank you and yeah GeForce automatically converts the graphics to OpenGL