This is my first ever PC build I made for the purpose of 3d Modeling, Rendering, Game Art, and general CG stuff. Portfolio

I name it Onyx because it's a cool gemstone thats dark and has a white specular on top of it. My build kinda resemble the look of it, as it is mostly dark, with a white accent from the white VGA.

I decided on a Mini-ITX build because i want to bring it whenever i move country to work. The internals definitely are my dream build scenario, however, as much as i love the case, I still feel it can get thinner if I use crowdfunded case such as Loque Ghost, DAN SFX Case, or NFC S4 mini case.

Overall, a lot of hope with what this gem could do :>

Will do CPU and GPU temperature test once I obtain my custom dust filter


Just got my dust filter! I 0.6mm too small, but **** it.

I included some closeup for the intake :> All intake now dustprrof hehe, I'll update the dust buildup in one year, if I remember hehe


I was not that impressed with the thermals.

I thought buy placing a fan intake in the front, even at full load the air was going to exhaust on the right side of the panel. But i guess hot air REALLY goes up. The airflow is blocked by the PSU, making the front grill holes really hot, on the part that isn't blocked by the PSU.

On Prime95 it peaks at 85, which a lot of people said is unreasonable. On cinebench it peaks around 72, so it's still okay imho.

On typical usage, i get a lot of air out of the side panel, but not when its hot. I guess Loque Ghost case is still the better option if i were to have such choice.

But nevertheless, this case looks stunning and the performance is still impressive despite its small chassis.

GPU temp on GPUTest, peaks at 79. It gets quiet loud but it gets the job done, so no complains here.

I have some questions tho, would be great if someone can reccomend me some tips on this:

  1. Now i know the exhaust for CPU is mainly on top while its hot. Should i remove the dust filter on top?

  2. Shouldi turn the PSU upsidedown so that the PSU will help exhaust the heat from the CPU? Will that damage the PSU>

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

A really nice cooler, meet my expectation, with the really silent noise.


It's an awesome motherboard. I love the black heat sink and the port selection are great! All USB 3.0 with 1 USB-C. The main awesome thing is the wifi antenna thats freakin magnetic!!

Pro: - Magnet wifi antenna - Port selection

Cons: - M.2 below the motherboard, making it possibly hot for certain case (for my case, (pun intended) SG13 is helding out okay)

Video Card

Overall quite coo, but sometimes got a bit of squeking noise when starting a program.


When i was building this pc in the store, all people look at this case and they were all amazed by how small the case is. It's definitely eye-catching and the design is super well-built.

Just a bit worried cuz theres no dust filter, which i solve buy ordering a custom made one.

It's fully made from aluminium, so my magnetic wifi antenna can stick. It's a pleasure to see it.

Operating System

I just realize that u can disable internet explorer in control panel.

Case Fan

Awesome fan c: abit hard to moung cuz the case is small, but the noise is really low.


Simply gorgeus to look at. I havent done any color calibration, but the display is so stunning that you would not even look at the case at all

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  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

I have seen a few users getting a 92mm fan and place it on the motherboard side of the perforated panel to act as exhaust. Having a defined exhaust should help with your temperature. Just make sure it is left unfiltered.

Inverting the PSU may work as long as you have your L12S pushing air upwards so that it doesn't fight for air with the PSU fan. Fan facing inwards is one of a popular option for water-cooled SG13 as it provides a direct air flow path from front to rear. Your PSU should be fine since having air passing through it still cools it.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

but while rendering the air became really hot, wouldnt that make the PSU fan super noisy?

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey man nice build! +1 How hard was to install this CPU cooler? Didnt ram get in the way? How much space between cooler and PSU? In the end how did you arrange you fan directions? Did you add additional cooler as tanjinjack suggested?

I'm planning to use almost the same parts, hence so many questions. Thanks

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi thanks man! It was super easy to install, the ram that i use has really small header so it fits in easily. I use a SFX PSU, but i have to buy the additional ATX to SFX PSU from corsair. I didn't change the fan at all in the end :/ the cpu cable header blocks the way for even the slimmest fan. 140mm noctua for intake, and that's it (with cpu fan blowing to the CPU). The PSU direction is still intake from top.

Under load, the hot air mostly just escape to the grill next to the PSU. When it's not under heavy load, cool air mostly pass through the side grill.

Any more question just hit me up

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

great build! are you happy with the dust filter and where did you order it?


  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

from its an indonesia website