So a while back I got a pre-built system at Costco for around $400 - $500... my mistake. For the cost, it wasn't bad but I couldn't bear playing games at 720p 30 fps. Even Minecraft was running on the absolute lowest settings at 30 fps. I finally hit my head hard enough to want to upgrade my rig. I spent hours of research on compatibility just to find that I could mod my computer. And I thought I could squeeze an 8.5" GPU in that horribly space managed case. Lucky me though the card I wanted went out of stock(no surprise) and got a smaller MSI card.

Buying the parts needed

My plan was to upgrade my GPU but I needed a few more things. First, a power supply with an output higher than that of a potato. Just so happens EVGA had a 600-watt one I wanted. Second, a case fan that could vent some air from my less than adequate(honestly it's crappy) case. And the main operation, a GPU with more processing power than the so called Intel High Definition cough graphics. What do you know I found an MSI GTX 1060 3gb that I snagged for only $30 over retail price thanks to etherium miners.

Dirty work

I started by unplugging the old FSP 300w PSU connections and removing the PSU. Suprisingly, Acer decided to put effort in cable managment in such an unmanageable case. I installed my 92mm CM fan followed by my new dual potatoe powered 600w EVGA power supply. Unfortuanately the area labled on my motherboard as SYS FAN had no pins so I plugged my fan in with the included MOLEX to 3pin adapter. Such quality in a $6 fan compared to a 4-5 hundred dollar prebuilt system. I finally placed my gpu in the pcie slot without dificulty, plugged it in and booted my system. I thought I would have a sea of driver issues when I merely needed to download drivers from Nvidia's website. I am very happy with what I have now as I can play all my games at 1080p very high or ultra settings with over 60fps given that gsync or vsync isn't limiting frames. Steam VR says my computer is VR capable and gives me a decent score. I would like to thank the PCPP community as I learned a lot about computers from them.

Part Reviews

Video Card

I love the card. It simply does what I want it to how I want it to. But, I do not like the 3gb of ddr5 ram or that this model for some reason has a logo taking up space for more video adapters than 3. The card can get hot but that is no problem with MSI afterburner.

Power Supply

Semi modular is the way to go. 600w is more than I need. Nice black braided cables. Perfect.

Case Fan

If you need a 92mm fan then get this. It's a fan that simply works and has an included molex to 3pin adapter I needed. Can't go wrong for $6 and prime shipping.


Dont have this but an older model with what seems like the only difference is I have HDMI and VGA ports. That is my only complaint but the display is great. I rate my model 4 stars.

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