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Been Comfortably overclocked to 4.2GHz since 2013... No Issues

CPU Cooler

Been Comfortably overclocking my i7 4770k to 4.2GHz since 2013... Stock fans are fine still. Would like to upgrade soon but we'll see if i ever get around to it.


I'd like to say the Debug LED is the greatest idea ever... Got me out of so many issues early on when I was testing my overclocks.


Great. Haven't done much to it. Only downside is that I should've bought more cause PUBg is eating up all 8 gigs.


Since 2013 have upgraded to 850 EVO 250GB and use this one for games that i want to load fast


NEED MORE!!! Amazing drive from 2013 to this day.

Video Card

Beast is running PUBg like a low level boss! Best of the worst but worst of the best. Need to upgrade soon. CSGO handles 240+ FPS.

Power Supply

Not sure if its working... Obviously it is just saying there's not issues fan is pretty much nonexistent and unneeded (sarcasm is hard online). Best quality is set it and forget it.


Try using this monitor and going to a IPS with 60fps... I've tried that... 144Hz and up for me always now. CSGO will let you know real fast how much a difference it is.


When it was working it was awesome. The lights ended up dying on me one by one had a bunch out by the time I sent it back to corsair. The process was smooth and without a hitch. Ended up not getting a new keyboard and waiting for the RGB to come out and that's what I'm typing on now. Left me without a non N-Key Rollover for a while and that was terrible for gaming. Kind of want to try the silent switches now so might have to go to that soon.

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Someone really likes corsair! +1

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