Ya boy was tires of crappy console response time and stuttering so he decided he must acssend like a couple of his homies have so he decided to make his Rat Trap set up starting off ya boy was gonna build in the nzxt h500 but then he was all like what the hell I ain't no normie so ya boy said hek it and looked and found he inwin 101 which is pretty gud tbh and I went deal searching and got my 1080ti for 450 us which is pretty good at the time and got the 9600k for 220 us which is also pretty good at the time and the fans where jsut really inexpensive and decently good looking but yeah, ya boy wanted an all white system so he dropped a little bit extra cash for the aesthetic and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out and for the peripherals I just wanted the most competitive stuff possible within reason so I got the monitor refurbished for 150us and was pretty pleased with that and then the rest of the peripherals are for the real dahling try hards so the man's named me was like let's get this bread boys and we got that bread I'm a spas

Hope you have a nice day +_-/

Part Reviews


Bought it at the most optimal time for good price to performance suits all my gaming needs and my only complaint is that I got one ****** core that runs 10c higher than the rest so I was only able to OC to 4.9ghz

CPU Cooler

Pretty good cooler can get loud if maxed out but other then that it gets the job done and contributes to the white aesthetic (toobing is on the shorter side btw)


Does it's job and looks great what else do you want me to say


Handsome ram that does it's job let's get it

Video Card

Great price to performance contributes to the white aesthetic let's get get it


Case is pretty great cable routing could be a little bit better but it looks great and my cooling is good 2

Case Fan

Actually got the 5 in 1 they look good and have decent thermals only complaint is the super cheap Daisy Chaim system


For 150us this monitor is great and does it's job haven't noticed any tearing or anything jank


Hated the romer g's at first but then loved it after a day of us plus it looks great Owo


Sick mouse great price for the product and it looks sick super light and no issues for me : )


Look gud feel good as the sweet sun on my shirtless chest and sound great would definitely reccomend

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  • 8 months ago
  • 2 points

How did you get the 1080 ti?

They are discontinued and I really want one.

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

eBay just check seller history and make sure it works