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Pre-built used as a guide

Original build (12/30/2016) (Living room picture)

I basically updated it and tweaked it to my liking trying to stay under $1,500 for my budget. What is not listed, furniture like my desk and chair. I ran over slightly because of my love for a comfortable chair.

(5/20/2017) update after my initial purchase.

Ordering the Logitech - G710 keyboard to replace the Red Dragon keyboard.

The Red Dragon keyboard letter "g" has completely stopped registering. Not a bad keyboard for the price. Definitely disappointed because I liked the look of it. (I trouble shooted with updating drivers, windows, taking apart and cleaning)

I have had minor issues with the graphics card when playing Total War Warhammer that have been resolved.

I went ahead and upgraded to liquid cooling out of fear of overheating and added the LED fans for a slight performance boost but mostly for cosmetic reasons.

Recommendations for future parts welcomed

Part Reviews


Awesome bang for your buck value. My computer boots up in seconds and playing games like Total War: Warhammer is so much better then on a regular hard drive setup.

Optical Drive

Pros: Easy to install and works. Simple

Cons: If you don't have a program for it already (example, VLC media player) you will need to find one online. Easy fix


Pros: Its resolution and build quality are great.

Cons: Speaker in the back sounds tinny. Speakers strongly recommend.

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Cover that hole, your shame is showing.

Just kidding...but not really.