Primarily built for gaming and aesthetics; most of my components were chosen by availability in my area (South America); plan to do some upgrading in the not too distant future, especially water cooling. CASE - Non-linear case due to unavailability of View 27 at the time. The Core P3 Snow is a really immersive case with lots of options and neat cable management; Thermaltake however could package way better assembly instructions. CPU - Non-K CPU for stock speed gaming; dont plan to OC; do plan to add water cooling later on; mostly for aesthetics and maybe a degree or two of better temps. MB - again not the preferred motherboard; i was gunning for the Prime Z370 A and was shot down at the store; they had this TUF badboy in stock however and it holds up well to everything stuck into it so far. RAM - brilliant RGB lights that match the Asus motherboard leds; curiously their stock speed says 2133 in the BIOS instead of 2666, so I have to up the speed from auto; the overclock on these are not bad, getting stable 2800mhz using the built in motherboard profiles, can push for 3k soon. GPU - made do with this card for the time being until next year when the 2000 series cards get more price friendly. Handles all my games, MK-XL, Injustice 2 and FIFA 19 at Ultra settings with temps at mid 50s. SSD - OS and newer games installed here until the M.2 arrives in FEB; all in all the install and load times are impressive, we'll see how much they improve with the M.2 HDD - standard 2TB for older games and emulators; media files and videos.

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Awesome Case; poor instructions.

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