This build has been evolving for 4 years as i keep swapping components over and over. I've got 3 other builds already made out of my old components.. while some i just sell.

Year is 2016. This started as a gaming pc, i was a programmer with a laptop from work and finally had money to play with. I mean SOME games would run fine on laptop integrated graphics... with an i5-6400 and a gtx 960, and 8gb ram in a single stick (!), with a cheap psu that i have already thrown away and a cute but cheap Enermax fulmo case, games run quite a bit better, a lot that i could never play before.

In 2017 when i realized the i5 just isn't cutting it i've upgraded to a i7-7700 (still have it in my partner's build) and a gtx 1060 (sold), and added another ram stick. That was a pretty flawless 1080p 60hz experience in 2016.

Later on, 2018 came and i had to hop on the 8 core train with the Ryzen 2700x and went small with a define nano s and a gtx 1080 that got its price back after the mining craze died. I wanted it to power my new 1440p 144hz gsync monitor as the 1060 was way too weak to handle 1440 (at least to my taste).

At this point my old system became a living room gaming / htpc machine. And only about 6 months later i've sold the old gtx 1060, upgraded my own 1080 to a a 1080ti that i managed to get for a reasonable price ($650) as i realized the 1080 wasn't really cutting it for 1440p 144hz. At this point heat started to become a problem and i've also swapped the nano S with a meshify C.

We're at 2019. Ryzen 3 came out and everyone's happy, and i'm thinking, i don't need more than 8 cores so can't upgrade anymore? well... throw more money at the problem and i've quickly hopped on a 9900kf sale for $440. And topped it up with a 2080ti because i got greedy for power. Case again too small and hot so put it all in the old but monstrous Define R5. Great case, love the simplicity, side fan, and no BS like unnecessary PSU shroud.

Notes: 1. Noctua D15 didn't cut it for 5ghz, prime 95 26.6 temps reached max 95 avg 90 after about an hour. 2. believe it or not, the Liquid Freezer 2 knocked about 7 degrees off the max and 5 off the average. Sold! 3. The tiny "VRM fan" on the the liquid freezer 2 is terrible. Makes a grindy noise. So i've disconnected it and realized my VRM Temps went up by 10c (!!) so put that be quiet 92mm fan on it. Took 20c off so now i'm 10c better on the vrm with the observed ad hoc mounting mechanism. it works. 4. Asus makes some amazing boards. 5. 2080ti is amazing...

Part Reviews


Best gaming CPU ;) Overclocking to 5ghz (1.34v llc 5) was a challange. I've tried on air first with the scythe fuma and noctua D15S (with extra fan) both performed pretty much the same. I was getting peaks of 95/96 and average of 90-91 in prime 95 (no avx) and aida64 cpu+fpu test. So for a while i've settled on 4.9 @1.27v which was about 10c cooler. But 5ghz mark was haunting me... so i've gambled on the new arctic liquid freezer 2 280mm AIO, which is a none - asetek pump. Everyone said the D15 is pretty much on par with 280 AIOs with maybe 2-3c difference. But my peaks are now at 88 and average is 84-85 ( ambient average low 20s) so I'm happy with the results :)

CPU Cooler

Beats the Noctua D15 by ~5-7c. Runs quiet. Need to disconnect the grindy 4mm "vrm fan"


Amazing high quality board. Very expensive. Dimm.2 thingy is useless for high GPU bandwidth scenarios.


One of the fastest rams out of the box with its 3600ghz C15


page file likes this ssd.


best price-performance sata ssd. good size


cheaper than sata drives and still faster despite qlc

Video Card

The cooler is probably the best (air) in the market right now. Runs below 70c overclocked (depending on game). But its best feature are the 2 fan headers for GPU controlled case fans (a bit of a fanophile)


Love this case. Don't need the R6/S2 bling. Love the minimalist design, the side fan mount and the door!

Power Supply

Provides lots of W. So far didn't blow up. I admit it's an overkill.. did have a Seasonic focus+ platinum 650w, but it couldn't handle the peak current of a 9900kf and 2080ti when overclocked. The problem isn't the overall W consumption but the peak current spikes (as i've read online those units have issues with the peak current on the psu cables so they shut down if there's an overshoot).


Has some issues with gamma and weird banding effects in the blacks of some compressed media. Also has a bit of ghosting. but it's a cheap 1440p 144hz g-sync TN panel with good viewing angles. SOLD!

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