When I first began looking at parts to build my PC, I always wanted a dark red and black themed build. I know it's overdone, but I had found some amazing nylon cord at Wal-Mart to sleeve my power supply cables with and I wanted to use it! :D SO! Without further adieu, here is "The Bloody Arc."

The PC was built, overclocked, and the PSU sleeved by myself. I spent about 38 hours total between all of the steps, the overclock testing and PSU sleeving taking up most of that chunk of time.

The build was originally in a Corsair Air 240, but the top rattled something fierce and annoyed me to no end because the case sat beside me on the desk. The air filters were garbage and I was overall just sick of the case, and even after modding the side window, air filters, and a spot for an optical drive, I just got rid of it.

EDIT: Those temperatures are Delta C or difference between the item and ambient.

Part Reviews


Great performance for the money. Never hiccups once I finalized my overclock and the OC insurance was very reasonable at just $20. No issues with picking up various RAM types and no issues working together with a couple of different hardware configurations I've tested the chip in. I managed to get this little monster to 4.5 ghz with a 1.22 vcore. It runs 4.6 at 1.24 vcore. If I had a custom loop I could probably push it much higher but my goal was 4.5 and so it is staying there.

CPU Cooler

Performs as expected. Maintains CPU about 5c above ambient when idle or light load and lets it get to 32c above ambient in GTA V maxed out using a 980ti GPU. Considering my CPU is overclocked I consider that a win. Even with Prime 95's newest software that generates a ton of heat in Haswell, it stabalizes at about +46c on small FFT. The Corsair Link software is atrocious and a pain to use and the fans that came with it were very loud at default. Even with those faults, it is still a 4-star performer.

Thermal Compound

Great compound. I bought this tube with my PC and I've used it on 6 CPUs and 3 GPUs. I re-pasted two GTX 970 WF cards and the temps went down about 6c for each one. On the CPUs, the difference between stock paste and this paste was usually about 10c but that can also be attributed to bad application during the building process. A little hard to work with but very reliable.


Every port works, no problems with any USB ports or other peripherals with an overclocked CPU. Very stable voltage for CPU and RAM even with all USB ports occupied. Bios is slightly glitchy visually in the HD setting but works fine in the non-HD. Overall very pleased.


Took a chance with this RAM considering price at the time of purchase and the relatively unrecognized name of the company at the time. I am completely pleased. I have used this set of ram in 3 different builds and it was picked up by the XMP profile each time with no issues, ran perfectly fine in stability testing, and all of them have been in use for about a year with no deaths.


Relatively cheap and very quick. OS boot from unplugged start is about 13 seconds, read and write speed are around advertised speeds, no complaints. Losing a star because of the hoops I had to jump with firmware in order to get it to run correctly. When it was first installed it was as slow as a normal HDD.


Great performance and longevity. Been using these a long time, no issues here.

Video Card

Ah the bane of my sanity. I sold a 85% ASIC GTX 970 WF that would overclock to 1565 on air so I could get this beast. The overclocking is much less impressive in terms of numbers, the ASIC is 64.2% so I got screwed in the chip lottery. It will run a slightly higher than factory overclock on memory and about 1406mhz on core stable. Overall the quality of the card is very high and I have no complaints regarding it achieving advertised values. Voltage is a bit high but stable and it even overclocked it draws less power than advertised under a full load in Furmark. The temperatures while overclocked are also average, about +45c in Furmark, with the fans running at about 85%. I have a custom fan profile set in order to keep the fans on at all times running at the lowest RPMs which is why my idle temperature is about the same as my CPU's. The fans can be heard when ramped up but it is a negligable sound even though my PC sits beside me on the desk, the sound doesn't bleed into a microphone sitting beside the case. My benchmark scores are about average with it and just slightly slower than the SLI setup my previous 970 went into. I use a 1080p monitor and this thing chews through games at that resolution, even GTA V only gets it to about 60c and that's after a few hours of playing.


Good case and fun to work in. The IO front panel is a bit sketchy, feels like I'm going to break it off when I put something in the USB ports. The bottom fan slot causes the rest of the case to make a slight rattling sound, even using vibration dampening rubber screws. Plenty of room for cable management and rubber grommets everywhere. IO connecters were a disappointing multi-color not sleeved all the way up with the black rubber. Great dust proofing, and good quiet hard drive cages. Overall, with only 1 cosmetic defect and a sketchy IO connector I'll still give it 4-stars because of the usability and price.

Power Supply

Stable, clean, amazing. All I can say for this little beast.

Operating System

Overall very pleasing once I got the 8.1 update. Easy to customize to suite your needs and good memory management.

Case Fan

Perform as advertised in most areas except the bearings. I have 6 of these fans installed and 2 of them are making a horrible bearing racket. They've only been in use for about a year, they've always been connected to a PWM signal from the h100i and stay at about 800-1k RPM unless I'm benchmarking. They move a lot of air, but the bearings going out that quickly in 2 of 6 means I'll never purchase another Corsair fan, especially considering the price.


I bought this monitor at the end of 2010 when I was working at Wal-Mart. It replaced one that met an unfortunate end due to an angry bout of PvP on WoW and throwing my lighter into my desk as hard as I could. Unfortunately, said lighter bounced off of my desk and into my 2 month old Dell 23", shattering the screen. Lesson learned, it still needed to be replaced. This monitor has 21k lamp hours and after giving it a minute or so to warm up once it's turned on, still looks as good as it did the day I bought it. No complaints.


Good color, good response, and great viewing angles. Everything as advertised and much better than expected for the price.


Another as advertised product, no complaints. Sturdy build quality, sturdy keys, good LEDs, all of them still work, great brightness. No complaints.


I've owned several Razer Mice and almost never been disappointed by them. The nylon sleeving can cause the wire to become ugly with curls and terrible spots if you aren't extremely persistent in undoing kinks, but the colors are vivid and buttons responsive.

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