My last computer was a gaming laptop (Asus ROG G74SX). It worked just fine but it was about time to upgrade to something way more powerful. It had been a very long time since I built my last gaming desktop so it took me quite some time to research the right components and the right set up. The build itself was quite smooth because I opted for a big case with lots of room. Also I bought most of the components during the Black Friday sale. Totally worth it, but I would recommend to start buying the week before, since there are usually some good deals out there that you may miss if you just wait till Friday. I overclocked the cpu to 4.8ghz. Temperatures stood in a reasonable range, between 30C and hitting max 72C while gaming. I ran a few stress tests. While running Prime 95, the 8700k went all the way up to 92C. That's the max temperature I recorded so far.

Part Reviews


I was initially planning to go for skylake 7800X, but then coffee lake was released and I figured that this proc would be more future proofed. The fact that the i7-8700k has also 6 cores was also a big plus since I will do video/photo editing with this machine.

CPU Cooler

I wanted a bigger AIO cooler since the i7-8700k is known to be running hot. So far so good. The H115i is pretty silent and max temperature so far was 60C (no OC)


Amazing price for all the features I needed. It has 2 m2 slots which is handy


Way too expensive! I considered the G.skill ram that was released specifically for the Z370, but it was even more expensive. I will buy another pair of this ram when the price drops


Keeping its promise... it is fast. Never installed an M2 stick before. Super easy.

Video Card

I wanted a solid GPU that can handle any game at max requirement. Also no way I was going to go cheap on the GPU since I bought the Alienware curved widescreen (AW34118DW). Finally, I am planning to get a VR headset one of these days.. so I will be ready.


Since I hadn't been building a PC for ages I wanted a well designed and big case with easy cable management. Also I wanted good noise damping. I read a lot of reviews and the R5 define seemed to be the best fit (specially considering the price). Note that the R5 has already been released a few years back so the front USB ports are supporting USB 2.0 and 3.0 while my mobo supports USB 3.1 (gen 1 and 2). Not a deal breaker but good to know. Otherwise I am really happy with this case and the discreet design

Power Supply

It is compact. That's great. That way I had plenty of space to do my build with the AIO in the Front and still room for HDD rack. So far it is running pretty silently. Price/Performance was unbeatable

Operating System

I am so used to windows 7... but I guess I will get used to that one too


Big and beautiful!! Still need to test the fps and will update the review.


It s compact and not crazy looking.

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